National Bullying and Suicide Prevention Non-Profit Launches Mental and Social Health Resource Campaign to Promote Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

The 100% student-led initiative focuses on ensuring that support is within reach for those seeking mental health and crisis response services

Miami, FL, Sept. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In honor of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month in September, National Voices for Equality, Education, and Enlightenment (NVEEE) announces the entirely youth-driven “Share  Care” campaign which provides a web-based resource hub featuring a comprehensive guide of mental health and social services both locally and nationally for those experiencing crisis. NVEEE is a national non-profit organization whose efforts are paving the way for the prevention of bullying, violence, and suicide among youth, families and communities through direct service, mentoring and prevention education. 

The online Share the Care guide includes the following resource areas but is not limited to:

  • Mental Health Providers
  • Legal Aid
  • LGBTQ+ Support
  • Social Justice
  • Homelessness Support
  • African American Cultural Competency Training
  • Sexual Assault
  • Human Trafficking
  • Domestic Violence
  • Eating Disorders
  • Self-Harm
  • Substance Abuse 
  • COVID-19

NVEEE launched the Share the Care initiative, which is fully developed by the organization's youth leaders representing the Peace Ambassador Leadership Program (PALP) and the Young Adult Advisory and Leadership Council (YALC), as a result of the significant rise in mental and emotional distress and the necessity to help those in crisis navigate living within a pandemic.

As recorded by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), from February 21–March 20, 2021, suspected suicide attempts were 50.6% higher among girls aged 12–17 years than during the same period in 2019; among boys aged 12–17 years, suspected suicide attempts increased 3.7%.

According to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, more than 9.3 million people experience thoughts of suicide each year.

To spread awareness of the vital resources and services offered on the Share the Care platform, NVEEE’s youth leaders are advocating through the creation of vibrant stickers and window decals that are available for purchase on the website. Decal styles vary, showcasing a QR code leading directly to the online Share the Care resource catalog while some stickers highlight detailed lists of the most commonly searched crisis hotlines and Safe Space locales. 

Available to private citizens and businesses, each decal has been thoughtfully designed to be inclusive of diverse populations and creatively displayed, including:

  • Phone Stickers
  • Ideal for Schools, Therapists, etc.
  • Ideal for Businesses
  • Safe Space - ideal for businesses committed to creating a safe space for those seeking support
  • Safe and Brave Space - ideal for safe spaces that also encourage brave dialogue   

“Starting the “Share the Care” campaign meant initiating an effort to cultivate community through spreading awareness. As a member of NVEEE’s Young Adult Advisory & Leadership Council (YALC), I view our stickers as an opportunity to inform our friends, families, and peers on both the issues that our diverse community faces today and a means to combat them. I hope that the Share the Care campaign will show our fellow youth that we care, and that there are resources out there that care for them too,” said Nina Ally, an NVEEE Peace Ambassador, and Co-President of NVEEE’s YALC.

With influential supporters helping to increase attention and share life-saving resources, such as NVEEE long-time partner, the Miami Dolphins, the goal of Share the Care is for businesses, schools, organizations, mental health providers, and yes, even additional sports teams, to proudly showcase a sticker or decal in their respective spaces.

“We support NVEEE’s initiative in launching Share the Care as an opportunity that encourages youth leadership and promotes mental health. Inclusivity through education and mentorship align with the community mission of the Miami Dolphins and we couldn’t be more proud to have them as a partner of our Football UNITES™ program,” said Miami Dolphins Senior Director of Community Relations & Youth Programs RaShauna Hamilton. 

Displaying decals at the corporate and institutional level, elevates the discussion surrounding mental health and social services. Taking it a step further, it shows support is within reach and commitment to providing a "Safe Space" or a "Safe and Brave Space '' for the LGBTQ+ community and those experiencing crisis alike. Businesses are urged to post photos with their decals on their social media platforms using the hashtag #ShareTheCare to encourage others to join the movement.

Visit to get access to the resource guide and Share the Care with your purchase of stickers or decals. All proceeds will support the Peace Ambassador Leadership Program (PALP) and the Young Adult Advisory and Leadership Council (YALC)

Applications to become a youth leader for either programs are welcomed throughout September and can be accessed at and

About NVEEE:
Established in October 2009, NVEEE is a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to prevent bullying, violence and suicide among youth families and communities through direct service, mentoring and prevention education. Since its inception, NVEEE has reached over 35,000 educators, students, parents, and community leaders through its Mentoring Program, Peace Ambassador Leadership Program, Young Adult Advisory and Leadership Council, and its signature “Be Upstanding” School-wide Bullying Prevention Program. NVEEE has a history of being recognized in Congress due its diligence in mental health and wellness in youth. In early 2019, NVEEE was invited by Congressman Alcee Hastings to speak alongside legislators and mental health professions at a Congressional Roundtable addressing youth mental health and suicide in the state of Florida. On the eve of NVEEE celebrating 10 years of mentoring, and bullying and suicide prevention education, Commissioner Eileen Higgins presented the organization with a Proclamation naming November 16, 2019, as NVEEE Day in Miami-Dade County. In 2016, NVEEE and twenty of its student leaders were invited to Washington D.C. to visit the White House, tour Congress and receive a Congressional Record by a member of the Congressional Caucus to End Bullying, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. For more information, visit

About NVEEE’s Peace Ambassador Leadership Program (PALP):
PALP empowers youth with strong intrapersonal skills with a focus in developing conflict resolution, establishing personal identity, financial stability, team building, mental health and self care, college and career preparation, self-esteem development, and comprehensive training through a social justice framework. 

About NVEEE’s Young Adult Advisory & Leadership Council (YALC):
YALC is a diverse group of youth, ages 15-22, that reside all across the United States and exemplify traits of compassion, leadership, and dedication to their community.  Their function is to advise NVEEE’s Board of Directors and Executive Team on educational and social matters that they care about most.


Developed by youth, NVEEE's #SharetheCare campaign encourages the use of vibrant stickers and decals, that through a QR code, directs users to the Share the Care resource catalog.