Play-to-earn Blockchain Game Starchi Wins Grant from Polygon Foundation

Proceeds will be used to further integrate Polygon’s scaling solutions into the Starchi gamified De-Fi platform


BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, Sept. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (via Blockchain Wire) - Starter (, the leading launchpad, incubator and investor network, today announced that Starchi, Starter’s first DeFi game inspired by nostalgia for the original Tamagotchi has been awarded a grant from the Polygon Foundation to drive further integration of Polygon’s fully functional, full-stack, community first narrative, Ethereum scaling solution into its gaming platform. Integration with Polygon will offer Starchi full-stack scaling tools, fast transactions and low fees via smart contracts that are fully audited and secure on-chain, which will support Starchi in the incorporation of all future developments made on its network. 

Starchi is a purposeful game characterized by adoptable digital pets called Starchis that need to be raised, fed and entertained in a virtual environment. Starchis are modeled as a species of never-before-seen, sun thriving creatures that are facing an existential crisis, in search of a new energy source to survive in the human world. Within the game, Starchi Collectors are tasked with acquiring and nurturing Starchis from infancy to adulthood. Most importantly, users are responsible for preventing further extinction of Starchi-kind through friendly battles that allow them to not only socialize their digital pets but also to earn wages and become top Collectors in the Starchi village.

“The purpose of the game is to remind Collectors of the human values we are accustomed to in the real world,” said Lionel Iruk, special counsel at Starter. “The grant from Polygon only further fulfills our conviction that Starchi will serve as an incredible vessel to bring light not only in the DeFi world but also into our post-pandemic world. With Polygon’s financial backing and the full-stack of scaling tools to support Starchi we are committed to making Starchi an experience for all to enjoy.”

Responsible Starchi Collectors will be rewarded and will have opportunities to purchase or adopt new and abandoned Starchi pets from the local marketplace. Through Starchi performance metrics, Collectors will be able to claim the leaderboard and gain additional rewards and tokens.

Starchi operates as a dual token economy with Starter’s START token ($START) and Starchi Liquid Luck token ($ELIXIR). The combination of the play-to-earn model and the incorporated fee redistribution rules provide Starchi Collectors with the opportunity to compound their earnings while participating in the unique gamified environment provided by Starchi.

Collectors can begin their Starchi journey here and for more details regarding Starter’s Starchi game, future Collectors may visit


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