Terry Lucas' New Book, 'Quench the Fire', is a Comprehensive Review of the Science Behind Climate Change, With a Quantitative Plan on How to Draw Down Emissions

MONTREAL, Sept. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Quench the Fire is a comprehensive review of the subject of Climate Change, from a description of the basic science to the presentation of a detailed plan to mitigate the effects. A quantitative approach is used, where each mitigating strategy is evaluated in terms of its potential effect on the avoidance of temperature escalation. The results are surprising and will lead the reader to reconsider many of the suppositions commonly espoused by media pundits and political leaders. What are the real effects of climate change in today's and tomorrow's world, and what effects are mistakenly attributed to climate change? What contribution to temperature de-escalation can be provided by electric vehicles and wind and solar power? Is there a place for nuclear power? What future technologies can make important contributions? The answers are here.

The entire subject is explored with each conclusion supported by research extracted from recognised scholarly papers. A history of fossil fuels is given that changes the perspectives that are commonly discussed. A description of the international climate agreements are also provided, and their possible effects are quantified, with surprising results. At the end, all the conclusions are drawn together to create a feasible plan to draw down emissions, all the way out to the year 2100. Most other books and articles on the subject are distinctly qualitative, which leaves room for doubts about recommendations made. In Quench the Fire, numbers rule, and this makes important changes to the understanding of the subject.

Media inquiries may be made to terrylucas2@gmail.com, or on the author website https://terrylucasauthor.ca

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