Bosch Consumer Study Unveils Uptick in Recipe Experimentation as a Result of Pandemic

Americans have newfound appreciation for cooking, investing in home kitchens

Los Angeles, California, UNITED STATES

  • Bosch study showed that 85% of Americans have tried at least one new recipe a month during the pandemic, with over half trying five or more
  • 60% of Americans have purchased or plan to purchase an upgraded appliance, indicative of newfound appreciation for cooking as a result of the pandemic
  • Quality cooking products from Bosch provide the confidence consumers need to explore new recipes

IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the ever-changing state of the pandemic, a recent survey from Bosch home appliances found that since the onset of the pandemic, Americans have a newfound appreciation for cooking at home, and an increase in recipe experimentation. With more time spent in the home, Americans have more time to cook, and are broadening their horizons into new foods and recipes. Further, many have been inspired to consider new home appliances.

The survey of 2,006 Americans conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Bosch found that:

  • More than 60% of Americans have a newfound appreciation for cooking because of the pandemic.
  • 85% have tried at least one new recipe a month, with over 50% trying five or more.
  • Nearly one in three Americans realized the need for better cooking appliances, and nearly 60% have purchased or plan to purchase an upgraded appliance to keep up with their cooking needs.
  • When asked if they were proud of any culinary feat, consumers revealed a vast cooking repertoire, inclusive of baked goods, pizza, specialty meats and more.

With this additional experimentation comes a desire for appliances that cater to cooking preferences and simplify achieving restaurant-quality results at home. In fact, half of the respondents said a quality cooking appliance makes them a better cook at home or instills confidence in their ability to try new dishes.

The versatility, consistent performance, thoughtful design, and convenience offered from Bosch home appliances allows consumers to cook new and intricate dishes with ease and confidence.

“The survey results indicate that this joy for cooking yields a greater demand for quality appliances that can keep up with consumers’ cooking needs,” said Cara Acker, Senior Brand Manager. “Bosch is proud to empower consumers with a full portfolio of quality, consumer-driven cooking innovations designed to simplify life in the kitchen and encourage creativity. The quality and design of Bosch appliances make everything from cooking to clean-up easy and efficient, allowing more time to savor meals.”

With thoughtful engineering and purposeful design at the heart of every Bosch appliance, users can experience uncomplicated ease while cooking, making recipe experimentation more efficient and enjoyable. Bosch home appliances offers an array of cooking products and features to create the perfect plate, delivering effortless results every time, such as the following:

1.   Induction Cooktops:

Bosch Induction Cooktops offer one of the most centralized heat methods available to control heat with the ultimate precision. A Very Low temperature setting provides a consistently low power level, perfect for simmering delicate sauces, like a French béchamel. Induction technology runs through the cooktop to directly heat up the pot or pan on its surface, providing quick heating time. Products with the SpeedBoost™ feature provide more power to speed up the cooking process so you can boil a pot of water faster or heat a pan up extra quickly to get ready for searing. It’s also more energy efficient since less heat escapes the surface. When cooking is complete, the glass surface wipes clean easily compared to gas cooktops, making clean up a breeze.

2.   Gas Cooktops:

Bosch Gas Cooktops are engineered to deliver perfect results with minimal effort. Benchmark® Series gas cooktops feature a powerful 20,000 BTU center dual-stacked burner that delivers faster boiling and low simmering for greater cooking flexibility. The FlameSelect® feature allows for a precise adjustment of the flame size, taking the guesswork out of cooking with a gas cooktop. Equipped with nine precisely adjustable power levels, FlameSelect offers repeatable flame regulation and perfect cooking results. Level 1 is perfect for low and gentle simmering, ideal for melting chocolate and delicate sauces, and level 9 yields a rolling boil.

3.   Steam Ovens:

For those exploring healthier eating options at home, Bosch Steam Ovens help retain nutrients, flavors and colors in vegetables while creating dishes that are crispy and tender. Steam Ovens feature Vegetable and Chicken programs, and automatically set temperature and humidity. Bake broccoli or Brussels sprouts with fish for an easy and healthy one-pan culinary adventure, and reheat yesterday’s leftovers to perfection.

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