Kiio and Walgreens Increase Access to Easy, Effective Digital Pain Management

Kiio’s innovative digital musculoskeletal (MSK) therapy for back, knee, neck and hip pain is now available nationwide through Walgreens Find Care®

Madison, WI, Sept. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today Kiio, a leader in digital musculoskeletal (MSK) therapy, announced that individuals may access its proven pain management and prevention solution through Walgreens Find Care®, available on the Walgreens app and at

Kiio combines evidence-based clinical protocols and technology to digitally deliver personalized therapeutic exercise, education, and interactive coaching. With Kiio’s proven app-based solution, people can use their smartphone or tablet to get immediate access to an individualized program to help take charge of their back, knee, neck, and hip pain, avoid unnecessary and aggressive treatments, and use less pain medication.1  Available on-demand 24/7, Kiio enables people to choose when, where, and how Kiio works best for them, including deciding if or when they want live 1:1 human coaching.

Previously only available through a health plan or employer, Kiio has a track record of delivering short- and long-term value to both individuals and its health plan and employer clients. More than 60% of members have less pain within one week of using Kiio, and 92% say they would recommend Kiio to a friend.2 Additionally, multiple claims-based studies have proven Kiio’s ability to reduce the financial costs of MSK pain.3 The four longitudinal claims data studies with clients have demonstrated up to 72% lower medical spend within a year and up to 89% lower opioid use for those who used Kiio.4

While Kiio CEO Lydia Zeller is proud of Kiio’s proven ability to reduce pain, increase productivity, and curb MSK costs, she likes to highlight Kiio’s immediate availability. “With Kiio a person in pain can answer screening questions at 9:00 PM on a Friday, download Kiio, do their first personalized exercise therapy routine in 7 minutes, repeat the next 2 days, and be on their way to feeling better by the end of their weekend. That’s impactful.”

Zeller is enthusiastic about the benefit that expanding consumer access to Kiio through Walgreens Find Care will have on quality of life for people and communities. Zeller shares, “Many people use their pharmacy as a front door to the healthcare system. We’re proud to partner with Walgreens, one of the nation’s most trusted, forward-thinking health care providers. Making Kiio widely available via Walgreens Find Care ® fits perfectly with our mission to bring innovative approaches to increase access to MSK care that’s proven to work quickly and get people back to doing the things they love.”

Alex Kramer, Kiio VP of Product, believes now is the time for more broadly-accessible and flexible pain management solutions. “MSK issues were already in the top three medical cost drivers, and their incidence has increased during COVID-19 with poor ergonomics, stress, and decreased mobility. Studies suggest 40% of Americans are still putting off medical care. It’s also crucial to address the fact that pain and mental well-being go hand in hand.”

Kramer sees the impact the direct-to-consumer channel will have. “Kiio is a proven digital solution that gives people immediate access to easy, effective care. At a time when mental health symptoms are increasing, 80% of Kiio users report stable or improved mental well-being. Walgreens Find Care® expands Kiio’s reach so people can get the pain management and positive benefits they need without delay.”

“Walgreens collaboration with Kiio reflects our commitment to help customers find pain management solutions in our stores and virtually,” said Giovanni Monti, Senior Vice President of Healthcare Services at Walgreens Boots Alliance. “Kiio is a strong fit with the growing list of pain management and prevention solutions available through Walgreens Find Care to offer customers convenient, easy access to care when and how they need it.”

About Walgreens Find Care®

Walgreens Find Care® is the digital “front door” to an integrated healthcare and pharmacy experience, which helps patients access in-person and virtual healthcare expertise from the comfort of their own homes. Through this online marketplace, Walgreens Find Care® connects people with trusted local and national service providers. Walgreens Find Care® is available on the Walgreens app or online at

About Kiio

Kiio is changing the way employers, health plans and members manage musculoskeletal (MSK) pain. With Kiio members can immediately take control of their pain and improve function of their back, knees, neck, and hips. No waiting on shipped sensors or scheduling triage calls. Everything that members need is available 24/7 via Kiio’s mobile app. Members receive personalized, progressive exercise therapy, education and digital support with access to 1:1 coaching. Convenient, easy-to-use, inclusive and scalable, Kiio’s evidence-based solution is proven to drive better outcomes at lower costs. Claims-based studies show Kiio significantly reduces pain, opioid use and medical spend while improving function, productivity, and quality of life. Learn more at


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Individuals can access Kiio’s immediate, convenient and proven musculoskeletal pain management and prevention solution through Walgreens Find Care®. Available 24/7, Kiio’s simple app helps people take charge of their back, knee, neck, and hip pain. Multiple claims-based studies has shown Kiio avoids unnecessary and aggressive treatments, lowers opioid and medication use, and reduces overall spend. Kiio integrates AI and evidence-based clinical practice guidelines to deliver a personalized exercise therapy and interactive coaching, which includes setting goals, tracking progress, adapting to each participant’s pace, and advancing them as they build strength and feel better. Kiio enables people to decide when, where, and how Kiio works best for them, including choosing unlimited 1:1 human coaching if they want it.