Holderness School Deploys Augmented Radar Imaging’s WellnessDetector™ For COVID-19 Screening

Free-Standing Devices Rapidly Test Approximately 400 Individuals Up To Three Times Per Day

LOS ALTOS, Calif., Sept. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Augmented Radar Imaging, Inc. (ARI), provider of the industry’s first and only connected, contactless wellness system, today announced the Holderness School, a coeducational college-preparatory school in Holderness, NH, has selected three WellnessDetectors as part of a layered defense against COVID-19. The wellness devices remove the COVID exposure danger of one-on-one temperature checks as multiple sensors take no-touch readings from scanned individuals to determine a person’s overall wellness—a more accurate process than simply scanning a forehead for skin temperature. For more information, please read the Holderness School case study at https://www.ariwd.com/case-studies/holderness-school-case-study/.

“We have yet to eliminate the risk of COVID-19 entirely, but we can deploy a layered defense to dramatically reduce it. The ARI Wellness platform provides a significant pandemic defense that allows us to eliminate any large breakouts without disrupting our educational mission,” said Tobi Pfenninger, Associate Head of School, Holderness.

Using MultiSensor Fusion™ technology, the free-standing ARI WellnessDetector is an automated screening device that uses machine learning algorithms to inform readings from contactless, multiple sensors and ambient environment variables to accurately assess a person’s health. All data collected is securely uploaded to the company’s WellnessOS™ for management and analytics to improve accuracy as well as spot health trends, possible hotspots, or identify anomalies.

The school placed the 3 WellnessDetectors side-by-side in the dining hall, and individuals simply walked up to a detector for an instant scan and if deemed healthy, they were cleared to enter the dining hall. If not, they would be separated for additional health screening before being allowed to enter. There were no concerns raised by students or employees from the quick and automated daily scans.

“Schools are continually challenged to reduce student exposure to COVID-19 and are finding that requiring masks and constant cleaning measures are not enough,” said Ted Watson, Vice President of Sales & Business Development, ARI. “Our WellnessDetector was specifically designed to offer an unobtrusive and quick means to make an accurate assessment of a person's overall health and save the anonymous data for trending analysis. We are proud our platform is helping Holderness maintain a sense of normalcy in such stressful times.”

About Augmented Radar Imaging
Augmented Radar Imaging, Inc. (ARI) was originally founded in 2017 by Victor Shtrom, the inventor of the award-winning and high-performance antennas that enabled Ruckus Wireless to deliver some of the highest performing Wi-Fi access points of their time. ARI’s connected MultiSensor Fusion™ technology was developed for multiple applications, including automotive, industrial, safety, health, and entertainment solutions. One of the first commercially intended applications of this technology was to deliver alerts that a child or pet was left alone in a vehicle, as opposed to a balloon bouncing around, possibly in distress from heat exhaustion or other factors. Visit www.ariwd.com for more information.

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