ViaDerma, Inc. Set to Launch Two New and Improved Versions of its Flagship Product, Vitastem and Vitastem Ultra

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ViaDerma, Inc., (“Company”) (OTC Pink: VDRM) is pleased to announce they are launching two new and improved formulas for its top selling product, Vitastem and Vitastem Ultra.

The original Vitastem is an FDA-registered drug and one of the world’s strongest topical antibiotics. Its active ingredient is tetracycline. Vitastem kills all harmful Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria that have been available for testing (bacteria that is associated with acne, cuts, scrapes, burns, and secondary infections associated with psoriasis and eczema). The new formula is clear and colorless compared to the brownish color of the original, so it will not stain the skin, fingernails, toenails, or anywhere else it is applied.

The Company is also unveiling its new Vitastem Ultra. The active ingredient in Vitastem Ultra is bacitracin. This provides an alternative for people who are allergic to tetracycline, as well as a way to treat tetracycline resistant bacteria. Additionally, Vitastem Ultra will open new doors overseas in many markets that prefer tetracycline alternatives. Like the new and improved Vitastem, Vitastem Ultra is colorless and non-staining. Batches of the new products are currently being produced and are expected to be available to consumers on Amazon, and other ViaDerma resellers by mid-October. The old version will no longer be sold, and all new and future purchase orders will be filled with the new products.

“I am very excited to get these two new products on the market,” said Dr. Chris Otiko, ViaDerma President and CEO. “Vitastem has always received great reviews, but the one suggestion that came up from time to time was if we can make it non-staining. I am happy to announce we have addressed that issue.”

Dr. Otiko also said, “Our new Ultra product is a great alternative for people who cannot use tetracycline. Ultra will provide the same great results as the original.”

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