Rebuild by Design & APTIM Announce Multi-State Resiliency and Climate Readiness Research

New York City, NY, Oct. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As our nation faces the increasing frequency of climate related events, APTIM is proud to announce a research partnership with Rebuild by Design to demonstrate the critical need of statewide approaches to plan and build comprehensive resilient infrastructure.

Leading off Rebuild by Design's success of the New York State Environmental Bond Act, which will be on the ballot next November 2022, the partnership will work together to analyze disaster spending in multiple states and provide an actionable pathway for States to fund infrastructure to lessen the ramifications of high-impact climate events before they strike.   

The work will create a deeper understanding of the costs of climate events, include common trends and themes to make the investment both necessary and urgent to demonstrate the robust Return on Investment (ROI).

Rebuild by Design raises the bar for response, preparedness, and resilience by creating innovative processes for communities to collaborate with the government to help create research-based, collaborative processes that prepare communities and regions for future challenges. Best known for their Hurricane Sandy Design Competition which has resulted in over $2.5 billion investment in climate-related infrastructure projects in the New York Metropolitan region, Rebuild has worked with more than a dozen communities around the world to create design-driven approaches, new policies and research. You can learn more at

For decades, APTIM, an award winning nationally recognized leader in disaster recovery, coastal engineering, flood mitigation, and program management, has taken a holistic approach to resiliency, understanding that multiple systems impact the success or failure of a community victimized by storms. Our layered systems approach comes from an emergency management and mitigation perspective, coastal resiliency expertise, and building not just energy efficiency communities but also safe-guarding energy sources in major disasters. APTIM provides full-service resiliency services before, during, and after natural disasters working with clients and communities to plan, respond, recover, and bounce back better.