Vigilant Software Introduces VerifyTM to Modernize Distribution, Application of Medicine in Hospital ICUs

Dallas-based MedTech Company Collaborates with Leading Hospitals to Improve Critical Care Infusion Line Management

Dallas, Texas, UNITED STATES

DALLAS, TEXAS, Oct. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vigilant Software, an innovative leader in medication management-safe practices, announced today the launch of the VerifyTM platform that creates efficiency in hospital ICU rooms in the distribution and application of IV medications. The VerifyTM technology is already implemented in multiple, leading US hospitals and are drastically improving processes related to IV-line management. Critical care nurses using VerifyTM are experiencing enhanced patient safety, safe medication practice workflows and the reduction of time spent managing infusion lines during the COVID-19 pandemic. The VerifyTM platform is the product of research dedicated to improving both patient safety and nurse workflow efficiency and has been especially necessary during the onset of COVID-19. 

“Vigilant’s solution for infusion line management immediately, positively impacted our critical care nursing team,” said Jewell Briggs, ICU Nurse Manager at National Park Medical Center. “We have been dealing with critically ill patients during this pandemic struggling to keep up with the daily demands, so when we introduced Vigilant’s VerifyTM platform into the ICU the benefits were immediately felt, freeing up nurses while improving safe medication delivery.”

Vigilant’s VerifyTM platform combines industry-standard direct thermal printing hardware with software specifically designed to solve medication management practices at the point of care. This unique solution, unmatched in the market, significantly reduces time spent managing infusion lines, allowing critical care nurses to focus on other tasks that lead to better patient outcomes. 

Designed exclusively for healthcare, the VerifyTM platform enables nurses to manage infusion lines or syringe medications in a compliant, safe, and effective manner eliminating highly manual workflows around these life-saving medications. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive in trials leading to at-scale deployments in several leading hospitals, with testimonials from nurses asking where this solution was previously. 

“We know this pandemic has been nothing but difficult for our incredible front-line workers. Vigilant is incredibly pleased to deliver the VerifyTM platform to healthcare providers and critical care nurses, to help bolster all their efforts to save more people from the virus,” said Fox Holt, Chief Executive Officer of Vigilant Software. “Now is the time to be deploying solutions easing the burden on ICUs and nurses, while differentiating your hospital as the best place to care for patients, and the safest,” 

About Vigilant Software

Vigilant is a leading medical software company creating solutions to automate drug preparation and documentation processes for clinical staff who work outside of the pharmacy such as the operating room, post-operative care, intensive care and the emergency room. Since 2016, the company has experienced growth delivering industry-leading solutions that improve patient care, safety, compliance, workflow and hospital revenue. Based in the Dallas, Texas-area, Vigilant’s team of employees focuses on improving patient outcomes through innovation and the necessary technology. To learn more about Vigilant, visit

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