Los Angeles, CA, Oct. 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zeno — the groundbreaking micro-dose brand that launched online-only as a direct-to-consumer cannabis product — will become available at brick-and-mortar retail stores for the first time this week, exclusively through Southern California's largest independent cannabis retailer, Sweet Flower.

"Zeno is not your typical cannabis product, and Sweet Flower is far from your typical cannabis retail chain," said Zeno's Co-Founder, Jeronimo De Miguel. "Zeno is a perfect fit for Sweet Flower’s premium-quality, wellness-focused products and clientele."

"We love that Zeno found a new way to expand the cannabis market, with a unique formulation that anyone can enjoy," said Michelle Mendoza, Sweet Flower’s Director of Buying. "Many of our first-time customers ask us for a gentle way to experience the benefits of cannabis, and we're thrilled that we can offer them a reliable, easy-to-use option like Zeno. Whether you're a first-timer looking for an intro to cannabis, or an experienced canna-seur looking for a daytime micro-dose, Zeno is the most precise product for the job."

Zeno's unique "true micro-dose" format is designed to make the benefits of cannabis accessible to everyone. This micro-dose formula is balanced by the calming, focusing effects of L-Theanine (the amino acid in green tea that makes it more chill than coffee). Finding the ideal Zeno dose is as easy as taking 1, 2, or 3 tablets — and customers can maintain the effects throughout the day by taking additional tablets as desired.

"When we were developing Zeno, we tested our dosage in a trial with 40 busy professionals," said Jack Dreifuss, Co-Founder and CEO. "People loved our ultra-low dosage and reported effects that were subtle, but with profound benefits: a state of mental and physical flow, with improved mood and focus. Since we launched, we’ve continued to receive glowing reviews from new customers, so we were confident the product would be very well received in wellness-oriented dispensaries. Sweet Flower’s knowledgeable staff and high standards for quality put them at the top of our list, and we’re delighted that they appreciated Zeno right away.”

Zeno will be on shelves at four Sweet Flower locations, starting Thursday, October 21st: Melrose, Westwood, Arts District DTLA, and Studio City. The Zeno team will be appearing at these stores to meet customers and answer questions about the product.

Beyond Sweet Flower's 4 locations, Zeno is available for in-person delivery throughout Los Angeles and the Bay Area via their website:

Zeno comes in two sizes: the 18 tablet Starter Pack (MSRP $20) and the 60-tablet Monthly Pack good for 2-4 weeks of daily dosing (MSRP $60).


Zeno aims to make the benefits of cannabis accessible to the world. Zeno’s early consumer testing showed that people who dislike cannabis can actually enjoy its effects at doses below 1mg — especially when paired with the nootropic L-Theanine — and that this dose is also ideal for daytime use to enhance focus & mood without distracting psychoactive effects. Learn more at


Sweet Flower is Southern California's leading cannabis retailer, originating as a medical collective, and working, legally at all times, to serve the needs of patients and consumers across Los Angeles. Sweet Flower is committed to giving back to the communities it serves, to operating openly and transparently, and to hiring inclusively and diversely. Learn more at


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