Innovative Nobu Baby’s Benny Nasal Aspirator a Lifesaver for Parents of Kids With Stuffed-Up Noses

London-Based Nobu Trading’s Respiratory Products Cited for Innovation


PALM BEACH, FL, Oct. 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It is every parents’ nightmare.

Their baby has a stuffed-up nose, can’t fall asleep or be fed.

Soon, parents will have Nobu Baby’s Benny Nasal Aspirator, developed by ENT specialists, which is fast, safe, and suitable for babies from birth, and the gentle Athomer all-natural seawater nasal sprays to help with the blocked or runny nose.

“Believe me, it’s worth its weight in gold! Our Benny Nasal Aspirator is similar to the ones used in hospitals,” said Norbert Bujtas, founder and CEO of the London-based Nobu Baby. “With our cutting-edge technology, babies and their families will no longer have sleepless nights. The babies need sleep for their balanced development and that's the most important concern. A healthy and balanced child!”

The Benny Nasal Aspirator may be new to American consumers, but it has been popular in the United Kingdom.

“We sold more than 100,000 Benny Nasal Aspirators last year,” Bujtas said, adding that it is the best product to remove mucus from your baby’s nose.

Bujtas said the Benny Nasal Aspirator is now available to American consumers along with other Nobu Trading healthcare products, including:

  • Dr. Kontos' Essential Drops' product line, which includes organic Essential Iodine Drops with a unique formula that should boost the immune system, support thyroid function, and help all organs in the body.
  • Dr. Kontos' Incarvexx Essential Nasal Spray, which is an award-winning antiseptic seawater nasal spray developed by scientists, contains molecular iodine to use as protection against viruses.
  • Athomer Sea Water Nasal Spray with Propolis, which is a gentle, natural nasal spray for adults and children. The presence of propolis with soothing, emollient, and antiseptic properties promotes the health of the nasal mucosa.
  • Athomer Moisturizing and Care Sea Water Nasal Spray, which is suitable for newborns and adults. The spray moisturizes the nose and helps relieve nasal dryness.

The products, which are packaged in recycled materials, are BPA free and the sprays are 100% natural, and suitable for vegans.

Bujtas, who founded Nobu Baby 10 years ago, is proud that his company was named the 2020 “Leading Innovators in Nasal Medical Products” in the United Kingdom.

“We are looking forward to the response we get from parents when our Benny Nasal Aspirator or Nasal Sprays are available in the U.S.,” Norbert said. “Parents and babies will love our products. Happy parents, happy child!”

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