Leading Washington Cannabis Company Evergreen Herbal Reaches Agreement with Legendary Sitka Hash House to Perform Distribution and Sales in Washington

Pacific Palisades, California, UNITED STATES

SEATTLE, Oct. 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Two of Washington State's oldest legal cannabis companies, Evergreen Herbal (EH) and Sitka Hash House (Sitka®), just announced their agreement to have EH sell and distribute Sitka's handmade hashish based products in Washington.

Marco Hoffman, CEO, Evergreen Herbal, remarked: "Sitka is a legacy brand in Washington State with hash products of the very highest quality in an artisanal class all their own. Sitka family of products are a perfect complement to EH's suite of beverage and edible products."

"Starting October 25, we are pleased to be working exclusively with Evergreen Herbal to sell and distribute Sitka products in Washington. Sitka sales reps will shift their focus to brand support to ensure customer success, to make certain that retailers are educated and empowered to bring more hashish customers through the door and reduce out of stock events," said Shawn Richards, Sitka Co-Founder and CEO. Jenn Rubacha, Sitka's General Manager also commented, "Every gram of Sitka hand-crafted small batch hash and other products will continue to be manufactured at Sitka Hash House in Lake City."

EH Sales Director, Chris Owusu, added: "We embrace the opportunity to provide full service to all Sitka accounts and to expose more stores and consumers to Sitka's exceptional products. As of October 18, EH assumes all Sitka sales and distribution responsibilities. We are working very closely with our partners to ensure a seamless transition."

EH and Sitka have proven business track records and stellar reputations for the quality and consistency of their products.

Sitka hashish and hash infused pre rolls can also be purchased in select dispensaries in California through licensed distributor, HERBL. Suggested retail prices are in the range of $10 to $45 per unit. To learn more and find retail locations and finely crafted branded merchandise, visit www.Sitkagold.com or follow Sitkagold on Instagram.

About Sitka Hash House
Sitka Hash House was founded in Seattle, WA in 2012 and has operations in California and Washington. Sitka's trichome rich hashish is made for today's cannabis consumer looking to Discover a New Door to Taste and Reveal a Path to Wonder. Handmade by craftsmen, Sitka's full spectrum Lebanese style traditional hash delivers an incomparable taste and experience. Besides its Classic Line, the Sitka creates bubble hash, other hashish infused products plus branded accessories to enhance any cannabis lifestyle. To learn more, visit www.Sitkagold.com or Sitkashop.com or follow Sitka on Instagram or Facebook. For media inquiries, contact Shawn Richards at shawn@sitkagold.com and phone 206-303-9875.

About Evergreen Herbal
Founded in Seattle in 2013, Evergreen Herbal is one of Washington's oldest processors and manufacturers of and distributor of infused beverages, chocolates, and other edibles. For more information, visit the Evergreen Herbal website, or follow Evergreen Herbal on Instagram or Facebook. For media inquiries, contact Andy Brassington at andyb@forevergreenherbal.com and phone 206-596-8600.