HanaGold CEO: Gold should be approachable to everyone

As a jewelry collector with years of experience in the precious metal and gem business, Ms. Hana Ngo is determined to build an investment environment where anyone can save and enjoy the value of gold.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Nov. 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Graduated with a B.A. in English Studies, Hana is a young entrepreneur of the 4.0 century with huge aspirations and enthusiasm. With a strong passion for jewelry like almost every other woman, she decided to lay her very first steps with solid knowledge of the gold and jewelry business.

Hana spent years working in almost every field of investment and finance: banking, FinTech, and securities, and earned herself countless experience, skills and tips. She also worked in a variety of retailing industries, including diamond and gem, medicines, as well as health protection foods. “I collect knowledge everywhere I can,” said Hana. “Every industry has pros and cons, but I know that we can only succeed if we turn negative situations into positive ones, and I see obstacles as opportunities in disguise.”

With an aim to develop an ecosystem especially for gold lovers and investors, Hana started to realize her audacious ideas by establishing Hana Jewelry LLC. The company offers a variety of products and services, not limited to jewelry and gold processing, but also discounts and promotion campaigns in collaboration with top companies in Vietnam. HanaGold officially introduced the Happy Stone jewelry collection on October 20th, 2020 – the Vietnamese Women’s Day, honoring the role, importance and beauty of modern women. The collection was widely enjoyed and supported by customers of all ages, proving itself one of the most meaningful presents for mothers, wives, lovers and your beloved women during special occasions.

Considering herself as a jewelry addict, Hana admitted that she used to feel desperate to see her favorite items showcased at a store nearby her university but could not touch them. “It was an item designed by a top jewelry company in Vietnam. You won’t understand it. I couldn’t even look at it. I felt like my stomach was empty every time I walked by the store,” laughed Hana. “I didn’t have breakfast for, like, two months, and I did every part-time job I could find: distributing flyers, selling clothes, selling flowers on Valentine and International Women’s Days. Six jobs in two months. Then I got it in my closet.”

“Women love jewelry. But we don’t always have enough money for them. And that was how I started. I want to make gold approachable to everyone,” she recalled.

HanaGold took the next step to renovate the jewelry industry by integrating blockchain technology into the gold business. The owner of the gold franchising brand desires to better exploit the value of precious metals by building a fractional gold trading platform. The 4.0 Jewelry Store allows micro-unit gold trading, connecting jewelers and gold buyers nationwide. With HanaGold mobile application, everyone can select the models they love, purchase and accumulate gold online, then pick up the products at affiliated jewelry showrooms over the country.

HanaGold will also support gold enthusiasts in opening their own stores with a startup capital of approximately VND 500 million. The team will openly share all the technologies, knowledge as well as experience in the industry. New store owners can therefore be confident to conduct their business with the A-Z support from the professional HanaGold team.

“I don’t just want to stop here. Failure is success turned inside out. I believe that blockchain will change the way we live, work and invest, and I believe that HanaGold is going on the right path,” assured the young CEO.

With enthusiasm and creativity as well as a highly qualified and experienced team, HanaGold is constantly making efforts to achieve the mission of becoming a gate for domestic and foreign investors to invest in the jewelry industry.

About HanaGold
HanaGold is an ecosystem built to digitalize and diversify the applications of gold and jewelry. Its network includes the HanaGold application for online fractional purchase and accumulation of gold, a 4.0 jewelry franchising showroom system, pawnshop and preservation services and a blockchain-based decentralized application where users can trade and save gold and participate in bounty campaigns.

Learn more about HanaGold at:
Website: https://hanagold.finance/
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Contact information: contact@hanagold.vn


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