Heroes TD - An Upcoming Fascinating Play-to-Earn Game


Singapore, Nov. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  CG STUDIO PTE. LTD., Along with technological innovation, the gaming industry is constantly reaching new highs. Most gamers seem to dream of earning money from their hobby, but not everyone knows how to make it come true until they learn about play-to-earn gaming. With the desire to create an appealing playground for both gaming and crypto enthusiasts to entertain and gain profits, the CG Studio team has been developing an NFT collectible tower defense strategy game – known as Heroes TD.

Recently, the term GameFi has become increasingly popular to the communities of crypto investors and gamers. Players can start playing and receive profits from various activities, such as completing quests or generating revenue from their in-game assets. As NFT games are booming in the market, Axie Infinity is widely recognized as the largest and strongest in this sector. Many players are currently making thousands of dollars a month playing Axie Infinity, and the platform has grown rapidly with 1.8 million users in August. As reported by Rest of World, the Axie Infinity game’s popularity has exploded in recent months, particularly in the Philippines, which accounts for approximately 40% of total players. Many have shared about earning more income compared to their usual monthly salary or how the extra money has allowed them to make a better life. Axie Infinity is gradually paving the way for a new category of games and its technology is likely to be soon integrated into the next game generation.

Following the success of Axie Infinity, Heroes TD is expected to become one of the next leaders that makes a strong contribution to the gaming industry revolution. Heroes TD developers envision a future where all the games can be connected into a Metaverse, in which the players can bring their favorite characters across various games, to continue exploring the game verse. This is a blockchain-based Play to Earn game, facilitating players to entertain and obtain something worth their time spending. As an NFT collectible tower defense strategy game, Heroes TD deploys a brand new playing style. Players can collect and build their deck to win, in addition to joining a community for all players to interact with each other. Particularly, players can create and trade unique NFTs with each other to get real money.

In the Heroes TD ecosystem, HTD is a specialized DeFi token, which is essential for participating in game activities and purchasing assets on the Marketplace. HTD is a must-have for Heroes TD due to its function of summoning new Heroes. Besides, players can earn HTD via in-game Play to earn activities. Specially, staking feature deployment enables holders to stake their unused HTD tokens to earn extra HTDs while waiting for game development. According to the roadmap, HTD private and public sale rounds are scheduled to be launched in November 2021, followed by the token listing on PancakeSwap in December. There is no need for those interested in the game to wait any longer as Heroes TD’s mobile version and NFT items will come into operation in the first quarter of 2022 and several appealing features are waiting for everyone in the near future.

The CG Studio team was founded in 2013 as VGames and has introduced their products on multiple platforms, i.e: Android, iOS, Winphone, Html5, etc. Some of the popular titles include GunGun Online and Chess TD. These are mid-core strategy games with attractive gameplay, which have accumulated more than 6 million downloads on the mobile stores, and are still counting. With the mission of making a difference, the team focuses on creating quality and exclusive game content for players. In order to further polish and improve the game quality and player experience, they make use of the latest technologies and expand their team with experienced veterans in mobile games development. All the efforts are reflected in distinct features and feelings in all of their games. Thanks to attractive features and promising interests for players, the game has been drawing a great deal of attention from the NFT game community since its first introduction.

Learn more about Heroes TD at:
Website: https://heroestd.io/
Docs: https://docs.heroestd.io/


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