HanaGold won third place in the National Innovative Entrepreneurship Talent Contest – Techfest Vietnam 2021

HanaGold - the project of 4.0 jewelry store chain won the third prize in the contest finding startup talents in the field of financial technology.

Georgia, USA, Nov. 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Techfest Vietnam is the largest annual event for innovative start-ups, organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology in collaboration with other ministries, departments, and relevant organizations. First held in 2015, the contest has so far attracted more than 20,000 attendees, 2,600 start-ups, and 1,000 domestic and international investors.

Techfest 2021 was organized with the theme "Embracing Innovation - Reshaping The Future", aiming at finding FinTech start-up talents. The contest attracted great attention from innovative entrepreneurs, supporters, experts and investors in 16 technology fields and aspects related to domestic and international innovative entrepreneurship.

At the final round, the participants brought various innovative technology solutions. In particular, the HanaGold project made a strong impression and won the third prize with the solution for digitizing the jewelry industry that solves existing problems and overcomes barriers of traditional trading in Vietnam.

Ms. Hana Ngo – HanaGold Founder & CEO shared that the HanaGold team applied 4.0 technology to the development of gold, silver, and gem business. The solution has persuaded the Techfest 2021 jury for offering the values of "Safety - Convenience - Quickness - Efficiency" to the jewelry industry.

“HanaGold provides solutions to many fields such as finance, franchise business, jewelry, etc. In addition to optimizing the conventional jewelry business, HanaGold wishes to create inspiration and make changes to the traditional enterprises, especially businesses in the jewelry industry,” said Ms. Hana Ngo.

This year, the Techfest program aims to promote technological solutions of innovative start-ups and “open” innovation platforms in dealing with society’s problems in the context of COVID-19 and economic recovery after the pandemic. Start-ups need to seize new opportunities to develop and "build the future" through technology initiatives.

As a pioneering solution for digitization in the field of precious metal and gem business, HanaGold meets the contest’s targets of pushing technology innovation, converging resources, and encouraging innovation. Thus, the project was highly appreciated by the panel of experts and won the third prize at Techfest 2021. Other winners of the contest included Save Money, Pronexus, and Vifo projects.

The contest promotes the image of a dynamic Vietnamese start-up ecosystem and fosters cooperation in science and technology development, which enhances innovation from domestic and international partners.

Currently, HanaGold focuses on building and developing technological solutions in quality control, management and operation, and concurrently perfects its website and gold trading app with the desire to provide the highest quality products.

“With our comprehensive model, position, and rapid development in the jewelry industry, HanaGold 4.0 jewelry store is expected to conquer the market in 2025," said Ms. Hana Ngo.

Contact information: contact@hanagold.vn


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