St. George, Utah, The New Industrial Hub of the West

Salt Lake City, Utah

St. George, Utah, Nov. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- November 9, 2021 – St. George, Utah.  An ever-expanding industrial district located in St. George, Utah has been on a major growth path since its inception. Fort Pierce Industrial Park has been an ongoing industrial and logistics project aimed at meeting the growing needs of the city of St. George with capabilities in manufacturing, distribution, data centers, and logistics in the southern region of Utah.

St.George has seen an annual three percent population growth increase for the last ten years. It has become a distribution hub as the location has a vast network to Interstate 15, which can reach 80% of the surrounding population of the western U.S. within a day.

With over 20 lots sold in the last year and a new phase available in the first quarter of 2022, big company tenants such as Fed Ex, UPS, Family Dollar, and Sunroc are utilizing this space as a major distribution center. “This location has been so advantageous for businesses, as it brings the opportunities for co-tenancy and collaboration with other distributors particularly in transportation,” said Troy Scheel, Agent at Mountain West Commercial Real Estate (MWCRE).

Mountain West Commercial’s St. George office, Doug and Troy Scheel have represented their client Steve Jennings, Manager of Fort Pierce Business Park, who is the developer for the industrial park. The Scheels have been heavily involved in the marketing of the industrial park managing the closings of lots, bridging the gap with various relationships between distribution and transportation opportunities, and the full logistics it takes to develop the existing lots available. Their extensive list of relationships within the community has influenced the rapid growth of the industrial park.

“The partnership we’ve had with Mountain West Commercial has truly helped us attain our goals relating to the Fort Pierce Industrial Park. Their vision, ambition, and focus on us as a client has helped shape the park, the future of St. George, and our economic development opportunities in Southern Utah,” said Jennings.

Fort Pierce Industrial Park is looking to expand in the future to an additional 500 acres of land.

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Fort Pierce Industrial Park