EPA Grants Provisional Approval to Pace® Analytical Services for UCMR 5 Drinking Water Testing

Pace® Analytical Services supports new public water systems testing requirements under the proposed Fifth Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule (UCMR 5) and offers live panel discussion.

MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  Pace® Analytical Services, a division of the Pace® Science and Technology Company and preferred provider of in-lab, mobile, and emergency onsite specialty-contaminant and regulatory testing and analysis services, today announced that it has received provisional approval from the EPA for UCMR 5 testing.

The Environmental Protection Agency uses the UCMR program to collect data on contaminants suspected to be present in drinking water, but not currently regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). A new list of unregulated contaminants is issued every five years requiring testing by public water systems based on the size of the population they serve. UCMR 5 is the fifth list issued in the program's history and includes 30 contaminants; 29 are PFAS compounds and the other is lithium.

"The EPA uses UCMR to determine future regulatory considerations and actions needed to protect public health," said Judy Morgan, Pace® Chief Compliance Officer. "The proposed UCMR 5 list is highly focused on PFAS, indicative of the EPA's commitment to its PFAS Action Plan and recently released PFAS Strategic Roadmap. Because of our expertise in harmful contaminants - and long history in PFAS testing - Pace® was asked to support the EPA by testing the proposed methods to be published in the EPA's final UCMR 5 ruling." In advance of the final ruling, the EPA granted Pace® provisional testing approval.

The EPA expects the UCMR 5 final rule to be published in December 2021. From 2023-2025, U.S. public water systems meeting the following criteria will be required to submit samples to approved labs for testing:

  • All public water systems serving over 3,300 people
  • A representative sample of public water systems serving less than 3,300 people

"Our PFAS and analytical labs worked closely with the EPA, passing its lab approval and proficiency testing while validating UCMR 5 test methods for the 30 contaminants," noted Nick Nigro, PFAS Product Manager at Pace®. "Our PFAS lab capabilities are second to none, but where we really stand out is in working with, and treating our customers as partners. We use our expertise to guide them on sampling, appropriate test methods and, of course, delivering on our commitment to provide results where and when the customer needs them." Pace® was one of the first commercial laboratories to test for PFAS compounds and supports public water systems, government agencies, manufacturers, industries, environmental consultants, and others in testing water and other substances for PFAS contaminants. More information is available at PFAS.com.

UCMR 5 and PFAS Webinar Panel

Pace® will host two live events in December on UCMR 5 and PFAS test methods. A panel of experts will provide the latest information on the UCMR 5 ruling and PFAS regulatory requirements and will be available to answer questions and offer guidance. Webinar registration and additional information is available here.

Pace® is a portfolio company of Los Angeles-based Aurora Capital Partners.

About Pace® Analytical Services

Pace® makes the world a safer, healthier place. Pace People are committed to advancing the science of businesses, industries, consulting firms, government agencies, and others by providing local-level service backed by a national laboratory network. Through our in-lab, mobile, and emergency onsite containment and regulatory services, we ensure our air, water, soil, and more are safe for our communities and lives. Pace also supports customers with in-house labs, providing a range of professional services to keep their operations moving forward. Learn how Pace People are working to advance science through sustainable practices and continuous innovation at PACELABS.com.

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