Tonic Weight Loss Surgery Launch Initiative to Make Weight Loss an Achievable New Year’s Resolution For 2022

Ashby-De-La-Zouch, Dec. 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of the most popular new year’s resolutions for people across the UK year-on-year.

Now, leading private weight loss surgery provider Tonic Weight Loss Surgery have launched a new initiative that aims to help people achieve this resolution, transforming their bodies, health and their lives in 2022.

The initiative is centered around ‘a new you in the new year’. With this, they are encouraging those considering having surgery or looking at ways to lose weight to learn more about the benefits of weight loss surgery and aftercare, and how it has transformed the lives of so many across the country, giving them increased confidence, happiness, and motivation.

Below, we outline the new weight loss surgery initiative from Tonic Weight Loss Surgery, and dive deeper into why many people use surgery to start their journey into healthy living:

The new initiative from Tonic Weight Loss Surgery: transforming bodies and lives

Tonic Weight Loss Surgery are considered to be a centre of excellence, providing weight loss surgery at private luxury clinics across the UK. Their surgeons are NHS Consultant Specialist Bariatric Surgeons with vast experience in the field of Bariatric Surgery, who dedicate themselves to understanding the weight loss goals of each individual and providing them with the surgery and aftercare they need to make long lasting change.

The initiative is lifting the lid on weight loss surgery for those who want to make losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle a resolution in the new year. By sharing the stories of clients who have opted for surgery, their reasons behind the decision, and how it impacted their lives, and through providing clear, educational and thought-provoking information around the different types of weight loss procedures available, they hope to inspire people to be self-confident and make weight loss an achievable goal in 2022.

Aftercare and a commitment to healthy living is just as important as the surgery itself

At the core of the initiative is self-confidence and healthy living. By combining leading weight loss surgery with premium aftercare that can last anywhere between 2-5 years, not only are individuals benefitting in the short term, but they are being supported to make improvements to their lives for the long term.

The aftercare that Tonic Weight Loss Surgery provide is unique within the industry, boasting the following within their premium support package:

  • Personal Trainer
  • Personal Dietitian
  • Private Psychotherapist
  • On Call nurse
  • Tonic Toolkit with a Bariatric Plate
  • Bariatric Surgeon Follow Up Reviews

The level of aftercare provided is one of the fundamental reasons why Tonic’s weight loss surgery and support network is considered to be one of the most effective in the UK.

Why wait for the new year for the new you?

Many of those who reach out to Tonic Weight Loss Surgery have dealt with emotional and physical stress which led to becoming overweight. Feeling burdened by low confidence, a lack of motivation, toxic relationships with partners and family members, or work lives that limit exercise opportunities, each individual has their own reasons for wanting to make a positive change.

For those who have opted for weight loss surgery, a re-established sense of life and body confidence is just the tip of the iceberg. Many claim to feel like new people who can do things they could never have dreamed of before, that feel they have the motivation to continue to improve their quality of life and put past events behind them.

If your resolution is to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle in 2022, the new weight loss initiative from Tonic Weight Loss Surgery is one that’s worth learning more about.

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