Visteon Unveils Fourth-Generation SmartCore™ Domain Controller for Enhanced Safety and Connected Mobility

  • Fourth-generation SmartCore™ delivers high-quality intelligent cockpit experience across conventional and electric vehicle applications
  • Solution for next generation cockpit architecture to address connected, electrified, and personalized experience
  • Seamless support of multiple displays along with integrated infotainment, safety and security features
  • Full support of artificial intelligence-based speech recognition and camera-domain integration

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Visteon (NASDAQ: VC), a leading global technology company serving the mobility industry, debuted its fourth-generation SmartCore™ cockpit domain controller at CES® 2022, showcasing a solution designed to enable global automakers to deliver a more connected, personalized and safe driving experience.

The modern intelligent cockpit experience includes traditional cluster information display, safety inputs (internal and external camera feeds), as well as Android Automotive infotainment ranging from maps and parking to charging locations along with enjoyable entertainment experiences for passenger displays.

Visteon’s fourth-generation SmartCore™ cockpit domain controller brings all of this information together seamlessly across multiple displays in the cockpit, and can deliver feature upgrades wirelessly over-the-air, eliminating the need to replace hardware to further extend the platform’s lifecycle.

“Automakers are quickly adopting over-the-air software updates and Android-based infotainment for their next-generation cockpits,” said Sachin Lawande, Visteon president and CEO. “Visteon’s SmartCore™ uses advanced silicon and software technologies to enable car manufacturers to offer these kinds of advanced user experiences in a multi-display cockpit environment and bring a personalized digital experience to the mobility industry.”

Visteon’s SmartCore™ offers seamless support of multiple displays and AI-based speech recognition. It also brings state-of-the-art safety and security technology and advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) features to create advanced in-vehicle entertainment experiences along with reliable instrument cluster and infotainment integration.

The Technology Behind SmartCore

The foundation of the fourth-generation SmartCore™ domain controller is Samsung’s Exynos Auto v9, a SoC that is scalable, employs industry-leading software architecture, and integrates leading hypervisor technology. The system provides smooth interaction between the instrument cluster, ADAS features using the hardware’s safety island, vehicle infotainment systems, and speech recognition and support for digital assistant solutions such as Alexa voice AI. The native Android operating system guarantees seamless user experience between mobile devices and the vehicle.

By integrating driver-assistance features such as lane keep assist within the same system that drives cluster and infotainment output, SmartCore™ improves display characteristics and availability. As the world of the connected car expands, SmartCore™ technology enables smooth over the air connections and updates, native apps, and advanced display technologies similar to those showcased by Visteon CES 2022.

Visteon launched its industry-first Linux-based SmartCore™ system in Europe with Daimler in 2018. The emergence of Android as the operating system for in-vehicle infotainment led to the development of the company’s second-generation system, which was production ready with a leading Chinese OEM. Visteon established a new benchmark for integrated cockpit solutions with its third-generation SmartCore™ cockpit domain controller unveiled at CES 2020 and launched in Geely Auto Group’s Xingyue L flagship SUV and the Mahindra XUV700 in 2021.

With the increasing acceptance of Android Automotive globally, the adoption of SmartCore™ technology by automakers is accelerating in all regions. Today, Visteon has SmartCore™ business with ten OEM customers. SmartCore™ is, and will continue to be, a key driver of Visteon’s growth in the coming years, as systems currently under development are launched.

Visteon will highlight its latest SmartCore™ domain controller at CES® 2022 where the company marks its 22nd year as a CES exhibitor. The Visteon team will meet participants at its new CES® 2022 home, the Paris Hotel Las Vegas Meeting and Convention Space, on Jan. 5-7, 2022.

About Visteon

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