Jeff Cook Real Estate Highlights Top Agents in Last Quarter of 2021

Jeff Cook Real Estate is proud to highlight the top agents who went above and beyond in the last quarter of the year.

North Charleston South Carolina, UNITED STATES

Charleston, South Carolina, Jan. 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Jeff Cook Real Estate is proud to announce the top agents during the final quarter of 2021. These agents have demonstrated impeccable leadership and diligence with their clients and have consistently shown they are a force in the real estate industry. Congratulations to the agents listed below! 

Ryan McHugh Team

Top Team at Jeff Cook Real Estate

Ryan McHugh has been in the real estate industry for almost 4 years and his team has served over 90 families in the last few years. The Ryan Mchugh Team includes Janet McHugh and Tasha McHugh. Ryan views real estate as more than a career, “It’s a lifestyle. It’s my passion and I enjoy every aspect of it. Even the times when I need to be a critical thinker and help my clients through what may be a stressful situation. It’s rewarding to see families excited about moving into their new home and the kids getting to claim a bedroom. It brings me back to my favorite family memories.” Whether you’re relocating to South Carolina or simply moving across town, the Ryan McHugh Team offers a total solution for your family! The Ryan McHugh Team strives to ensure that your move is not only effective but affordable. Contact the Ryan McHugh Tea, at or call 843-226-5535.

Dena Espinoza 

Rising Star at Jeff Cook Real Estate

Dena Espinoza has been in real estate for less than a year and has already served over 8 families! Dena says her favorite part of being a real estate agent is helping families achieve their dreams of owning a home. A unique aspect of Dena’s interests includes helping families who are looking to relocate and sell their current home. Dena is our Rising Star because she believes in setting goals for herself to stay motivated. Dena says, “If you set your goals and go after them, in the end, you will be satisfied with a job well done and appreciative of your efforts all while overcoming any challenges along the way.” Contact Dena Espinoza at or call at 803-517-8857.  

Cindy Nicholas 

Top Listing Agent at Jeff Cook Real Estate

Cindy Nicholas started her career in real estate in 2017 and has helped a whopping 200 families! Cindy enjoys making a difference in the lives of the families she serves. She says, “The thing I like most about my career in real estate is putting people in a better situation than they were before, even those who didn’t believe it would be possible. One of my clients was a 68-year-old purchasing their very first home. It is such a special experience to me and there is truly nothing like it.” To contact Cindy Nicholas, email or call 843-847-1653. 

Dalton Hunter

Top Buyer Agent at Jeff Cook Real Estate 

Dalton Hunter has had a successful career in real estate for over 3 years in the Charleston area. Dalton has served over 80 families and enjoy that he is in charge of the direction of his business. Dalton says, “My clients are so appreciative and help make what I do feel more rewarding. I’m so glad to have clients that can see the value in the real estate process.” To contact Dalton Hunter, email or call 843-991-3379.


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