Digital Marketing Experts Share Secrets to Boosting Business Leads

London, Jan. 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The New Year is an opportunity to revamp and refresh, and to aspire to new goals. Business leaders will be feeling this same motivation to dominate in 2022, and digital strategy will play a major part in any business aiming to excel and beat out the competition.

To help businesses thrive, the experts at The Brains, London’s leading digital marketing agency, have come together and compiled a special gift. In a long-form blog post, The Brains share tried-and-tested methods of boosting business leads, based on years of research and backed up by a number of case studies.

The Brains prides itself on its lead generation successes, helping its clients to reach more valued customers quickly. The blog post covers techniques from producing educational videos and downloadable resources to using chatbots and guest posting.

“Businesses without a carefully considered and up-to-date digital marketing strategy are giving themselves a real handicap in 2022, and missing out on valuable leads. Any business wanting to thrive and succeed needs a solid online presence while aligning and updating their SEO, PPC and content marketing strategies – what produced great leads five years ago most likely won’t work today, so it’s important to keep informed and make use of new digital marketing tools.”

Jonathan Lemer, Co-founder and Director, The Brains

The blog post, outlining outstanding lead generation practices for 2022, can be found below:

About The Brains:

The Brains is a leading digital marketing agency in London, focused on strategies that offer unbeatable ROI and long-term business success. The Brains offers PPC, SEO, content marketing and lead generation services among others.

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