Heather Hadden Gives Homeowners the Ability to Reap Benefits of 2022 Market Boom

Toronto, ON, Jan. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- After a banner 2021 where the housing market experienced unstoppable demand for buying homes and eye-catching sale prices, property experts agree that the trend is likely to continue through 2022 -- and one leading Toronto realtor can help her clients easily reap the benefits. 

Heather Hadden, who leads a team of 18 real estate specialists at her company Hadden Homes, is urging homeowners in the city to quickly arrange their plans for finding buyers in the new year. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has done nothing to quell the demand for properties, and her firm offers a comprehensive suite of services to ensure a speedy sale.

From staging to photography and more, Hadden Homes works hand-in-hand with property owners to ensure that each house put on the market is staged in a way that maximizes interest from those looking to buy a property, relying on a network of highly skilled professionals.

“If you own a home in Toronto, be prepared for next year,” says Hadden. “Sell your current home first and buy your next property second. Be ready to take advantage of what looks set to be another great year for selling. If you work with our team, you should also anticipate that your home could sell within days of us listing it, the market is simply that hot right now.” 

Over the years, the company has earned a stellar reputation that remains one of the top-rate property marketing teams in the Toronto area. In addition to conventional print marketing using high quality booklets and flyers to promote home sale listings, the firm also innovates through the use of digital marketing and social media -- including Instagram, Google Ads, YouTube and more -- to locate potential buyers that other real estate agents will never uncover.

Those services have helped Hadden Homes quickly find buyers for clients regardless of the shape, size, type, age or condition of property they are trying to sell. The company’s approach to selling paid dividends in 2021, with the average home sold being listed for just 11.5 days and typically selling for 105 percent of the original listed asking price.

“When you narrow it down to Toronto proper, the average residential price will be well into seven figures,” Hadden has previously said about the ongoing local housing market boom. Many of her clients have seen their properties sell at such prices, and within days of listing.

Hadden Homes’ ability to speedily sell houses and other properties at a clear profit is an enviable track record of success, and it’s one that Hadden expects to continue throughout the new year thanks to a combination of her team’s skillset and vibrant market trends.

Hadden’s expertise in the Toronto property market, and her status as one of the top 0.1 percent of real estate agents within the region, means she’s in constant demand to offer her insights about the sector to news outlets in print and online. Just recently she’s shared words of wisdom with Medium, Kivo Daily, Thrive Global and Big Time Daily about the future of the market.

Her projection for 2022 echoes the observations of other key industry figures, who expect interest rates, demand and property prices to all continue ticking upward even in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. It’s a seller’s market, and it’s one Hadden knows how to master to the benefits of her clients, scoring top property sale prices with the best terms possible.

First-class property services for sellers and buyers alike

“We can truly help anyone and everyone find a home, and having the right support from our team could be exactly what someone needs,” says Hadden. “I predict 2022 is going to be a crazy year for home sales, and people should start planning now so that they don’t miss out.”

It’s not just current Toronto homeowners looking to sell that can benefit from the services Hadden Homes offers in the looming busy year ahead for property sales. The company is also renowned for the wide range of services that it offers those looking to buy homes.

For example, the team of agents crunch statistics for specific city neighborhoods to help determine the exact value of a property someone is interested in buying. This guards them against paying more than they should for a home, while still making an attractive offer. It’s valuable upfront data that can make all the difference. “A home may be the largest purchase you ever make, and we want to make sure you have all the relevant information,” says Hadden.

Hadden Homes’ team also relies on a carefully developed and constantly nurtured network of real estate professionals and others to make the purchase of a property simple, straightforward, and hassle-free. “Just six percent of the real estate agents in Toronto do 90 percent of the business,” says Hadden. “We have developed relationships with top agents in every part of the city, and we are constantly connecting with each one to find out about upcoming listings. With these relationships in place, we often sell homes that haven’t even hit the market yet.”

Always eager to embrace new technological developments to improve the house buying process, Hadden Homes also uses the property search tool that provides would-be homeowners with updated listings while fostering ongoing contact with the company’s team.

Hadden has been working in real estate in the Toronto area since November 2006, when she began as a sales representative with Bosley Real Estate Ltd. She worked for other companies after that before deciding to launch her own real estate venture in December 2019. By relying on the wealth of knowledge and broad range of skills she developed in her decade-plus career in the industry, she was able to swiftly establish Hadden Homes as a market leader. 

And that market-leading position continues today, as the company brings a highly active and successful year to an end, with the expectation of more of the same in 2022.

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