Luiss Special Track Award

Excited to announce our selection as the winner of Luiss Track at GESA 2021!


ROME, Jan. 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- (Luiss) On January 5th, Luiss University named Beagle Learning the winner of Luiss Special Track at GESA. The award recognizes the EdTech solution in the Higher Education space that supports active, enquiry-based learning experiences for students, deeply engages online and in-person experiences, and fosters a sense of belonging and community among students, professors, and stakeholders.

Selected from more than 265 applicants from 46 countries, Beagle was chosen as the most capable of enhancing and supporting Luiss’ educational model focused on enquiry-based learning.

“We are honored to receive this award and are excited to collaborate with Luiss to bring enquiry learning to their university. Students will be trained and make explicit use of transferable skills like leadership, consensus-building, research skills, writing, speaking, and asking questions,” says Turner Bohlen, CEO at Beagle Learning.

Rector of Luiss University, Andrea Prencipe, adds, “Luiss is a social sciences university which is open to innovation. At Luiss we believe that digital technologies can improve the educational effectiveness of our actions in and around higher education, and we are proud to have joined the GESA initiative. Beagle Learning will help us improve our enquiry-based model that we are introducing across our programs and further put students’ questions, analysis, and critical thinking skills at the center of all activity.”

Join Beagle Learning on Thursday, January 20th at 11:30AM (4:30 PM GMT) for the Finals Event where Bohlen will be presenting their solution in a virtual showroom featuring the best EdTech Startups of 2021.

About Beagle Learning:
Beagle Learning’s mission is to build a generation of collaborative problem-solvers who can tackle today’s biggest challenges and opportunities. Beagle works with institutions to roll out enquiry-based learning programs that train higher order thinking skills in their students and build a sense of belonging at school. College instructors and students use the Beagle Learning platform to collaborate on projects they are excited about, using a structured, student-led process. Beagle helps students learn how to learn, think critically, and find solutions to hard, complex problems. For more information, visit

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