Green Builder Media Announces Next Session Date for Housing 2.0 Education Program

Home builders can elevate their businesses using the best practices taught in Housing 2.0, a networking and educational course that teaches how to profitably build quality housing and excel during any housing market.

Lake City Colorado, UNITED STATES

Lake City, Colo., Feb. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sam Rashkin’s Housing 2.0 is the only online educational program designed by and for home building professionals and the only program that teaches how to succeed through industry disruption. This training and education program offers comprehensive information and actionable guidance that enables building professionals to design and construct efficient, healthy, sustainable homes at a fraction of the cost. 

Want to elevate the quality and profitability of your residential projects? Register today for the next Housing 2.0 workshop series, which kicks off February 24.

Entering its second year, the Housing 2.0 training and education program is the gold standard educational offering for building professionals who want to compete and profit in the complex housing market. Focusing on disruption in the housing industry, this comprehensive course offers virtual classes and networking and includes a copy of Rashkin’s book Housing 2.0: A Disruption Survival Guide

The program includes: 

  • Virtual workshops facilitated by Rashkin.
  • Online courses taught by industry experts.
  • Action groups that enable participants to apply the Housing 2.0 fundamentals to their projects
  • Access to proprietary content, business recommendations, and market intelligence. 

Networking action groups are forming for the February 24 session right now. Click to secure your spot! 

Here’s what participants have to say about the course and the book: 

  • “I have finally come up for air after a very crazy Q4, and we are very focused on our journey to disrupt the industry in 2022 by executing the vision you laid out in the first Housing 2.0 webinar series you so graciously and studiously gave early in 2021. I am going to be utilizing the book as a ‘must read’ for our teams in 2022.”—Corey Donahue, Cofounder, Bettr Homes 

  • “I just completed your Housing 2.0 workshop. I found the workshop to be fantastic. Extremely informative, well organized, and educational. My background comes from larger builders where knowledge about health, energy, sustainability, etcetera was not that important at the time. I might actually have to watch the modules again to get the full benefit. Again, very well done.”—Doyle Dudley, Director of Purchasing, Thrive Home Builders

  • “My experience with Housing 2.0 as a small developer was, in a word: invaluable. What I most appreciated was the constant focus on data-driven, market-tested, real-world solutions."—Nick Lerek, Darlington & Associates LLC, Santa Fe area developer

To learn more about Housing 2.0 and to register, visit the Housing 2.0 microsite. Want a taste of the Housing 2.0 program? Watch Rashkin’s recent video on How to Build the Best Houses

Click here to buy the book, Housing 2.0: A Disruption Survival Guide.

The Housing 2.0 program is made possible by the generous support of building industry leaders, including Mitsubishi Electric Trane, Panasonic, and Schneider Electric

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