Iconic Brands CEO Sees ‘Cocktails To-Go’ and Other Industry Trends as Mainstay Post Pandemic

- Cocktails to-go and alcohol to-go that were popular during the pandemic will be mainstay in many states moving forward  

- In 2021, industry leaders including Jim Beam distiller announced they were putting in $1B into sustainability, diversity, and responsible drinking  

- Company is strongly positioned post pandemic with unique and sustainable packaging and better-for-you (BFY) beverage options  

AMITYVILLE, NY, Feb. 03, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire -- Iconic Brands, Inc. (OTCQB: ICNB) (“Iconic” or the “Company”), is a leader in the development and sale of alcohol brands that are “better-for-you” and “better-for-the-planet”, together with its wholly owned subsidiary TopPop LLC (“TopPop”). The CEO of Iconic provided his long-term outlook on the future of the alcohol and non-alcohol beverage industry today as the cocktails to-go phenomenon that has taken place during the pandemic continues to be a major force in driving consumer demand. The Company believes that the growing trend for healthier alcohol options has prompted beverage companies of all sizes to prioritize their sustainability approach to environmental concerns, which Iconic has met head on with its sustainable packaging and better-for-you (BFY) products. 

“Cocktails to-go laws provide better options for consumers and we have seen that throughout the pandemic and believe that will continue as the global environment recovers. The increased need and demand for BFY alcohol and sustainability incentives have been on the forefront of our initiatives and we are uniquely positioned to capture these trends,” said Iconic Chief Executive Officer, Larry Romer. “Whether our customers are interested in the Bellissima line of Prosecco and Sparkling Wines that are made with organic grapes, certified vegan, or the products that TopPop creates and produces that are BFY and "better-for-the-planet" we have them covered. We believe that we will come out stronger from the pandemic and we are happy to see that the industry is starting to align with core values that we have had since inception.”    

Distilled Spirits Council of the United States has cited that during COVID-19, more than 35 states began allowing restaurants and/or bars to sell cocktails to-go as an economic relief measure and since then, 16 states and the District of Columbia passed legislation to make cocktails to-go permanent, with 14 other states having passed legislation to allow cocktails to-go on a temporary basis.  

Cocktails to-go have been the lifeblood of many bars and restaurants that have been hard hit by lockdowns and the pandemic. It is also a new sales channel for alcohol producers. Many states had to allow adding temporary or permanent laws concerning cocktails to-go to help businesses and their economy. In late 2021, California passed the Senate Bill 389 that extends to-go liquor sales in restaurants, bars until 2026. Illinois has signed a law for bars and restaurants to continue to sell to-go cocktails until 2024. Cocktails to-go filled a need for business and consumers alike.  

Many new trends have developed over the last few years, particularly consumers choosing brands that care about sustainability and healthier alcohol choices.   

Alcohol brands: Adapting your strategy post-lockdown, posted on The Social Element, shows seven key trends emerging and sustainably and healthier alcohol consumption making the list.  

“As a result, we’re seeing more alcohol brands publishing sustainability pledges, such as the Johnnie Walker Next Steps Initiative to become net-zero carbon, and its partnership with the RSPB in Scotland. Jim Beam has invested $1 billion in sustainability, diversity and responsible drinking. Consumers want to know what alcohol brands are doing to be more socially aware, and social media campaigns are starting to reflect this.” – The Social Element  

“The pandemic made us realize the importance of health; low and no-alcohol purchases have increased and alcohol brands are diverging into healthier alternatives…Hard seltzers, a huge growth area (especially in the US), market themselves as being a low calorie alternative to more traditional tipples. How to drink responsibly and make healthier choices remains a key focus for alcohol brands in their social media.” – The Social Element  

Tom Martin, President & COO of TopPop, added, “We have seen significant increases in business opportunities associated with restaurants and bars especially for RTD and RTF products as well as pouches. Pouches with mixed cocktails and alcohol ice pops are ideal to order and take-out. We see the cocktail to-go market as the beginning of an industry trend that will continue to bloom in the future.”  

Such trends benefit Iconic and TopPop as “Better-for-You”, “Better-for-Planet” which remain core values for the Companies. TopPop creates and produces ready-to-drink (RTD) and ready-to-freeze (RTF) products with formulations that are low calorie and contain healthy and natural ingredients. 

The trend in beverage, liquid and lotion packaging has moved away from bottles and cans and toward flexible stand-up pouches. TopPop’s use of pouches have many benefits regarding sustainability. Pouches offer an 80-85% reduced carbon footprint compared to glass and aluminum cans. The reduced packaging material also has a ripple effect on the supply chain, with less space and cost needed to store and transport the product, improving total supply chain efficiencies and direct-to-consumer options. In addition to being “Better-for-Planet”, flexible packaging has been proven to appeal to millennials due to greater personalization, increased portability and reduced weight.   

About Iconic  

Iconic Brands, Inc (OTCQB: ICNB) is a leader in the development and sale of alcohol brands that are “better-for-you” and “better-for-the-planet”. Its brands include “Bellissima” by Christie Brinkley, a premium BFY collection of Prosecco, Sparkling Wines, and Still Wines, all certified vegan and made with organic grapes. Bellissima is strategically positioned with its Zero Sugar Wines.  Iconic’s wholly owned subsidiary, TopPop, is a pioneer in the product development of low calorie, “ready to go” drinks – ready-to-freeze (RTF) and ready-to-drink (RTD) products in sustainable, flexible, or stand-up pouch packaging. TopPop is a leader in the “cocktails-to-go” pouches and alcohol ice-pop market. Iconic operates in multiple states, sells, and distributes across the globe and has Fortune 500 customers that include some of the world’s largest alcohol beverage companies and brands. 

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