Demand for Digital Marketing Booms Post-Lockdown with Leading Agency Revealing 135% Increase in Enquiries

London, Feb. 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Business owners will be well aware of the impact of Covid-19 on ecommerce. The acceleration of ecommerce has been difficult to ignore, with more and more consumers shopping online and demanding first-class user experience. This trend aligns with a steep rise in demand for marketers with strong digital skills.

It seems that this hunger for digital marketing services has not abated since lockdown measures have eased – companies have woken up to the reality that in order to thrive in 2022, their websites need to be intuitive, they need to be optimised for SEO and they need to be utilising PPC to their advantage. In fact, certain digital marketing agencies, such as The Brains, have reported incredible increases in demand post-lockdown.

The Brains, a leading London-based, full-service digital marketing agency, has confirmed that since lockdown ended in June 2020, enquiries have gone up 135%, with an average marketing spend up over 20%.

Speaking of this increased need for digital marketing services, Jonathan Lemer, Co-Founder and Director at The Brains, says:

“Increasingly, business owners are viewing digital marketing as a necessity and an investment, rather than an expense. The more you invest in your digital presence, your SEO and your content, the bigger the payoff and ROI. Our clients have seen some incredible results by increasing their marketing spend, thereby edging out their competition, climbing the Google rankings and getting their business on page one – exactly where they need to be to get noticed. Thanks to the way we now operate since the pandemic, we are now able to help companies around the world, entirely remotely, which has opened us up to some exciting partnerships and opportunities.”

Jonathan Lemer, Co-founder and Director, The Brains

About The Brains:

The Brains is a leading digital marketing agency in London, focused on strategies that offer unbeatable ROI and long-term business success. The Brains offers PPC, SEO, content marketing and lead generation services among others.

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