The Brains: SEO Expert Explores How The Growth of Augmented Reality and The Metaverse Will Create a More Engaged Search Experience

London, Feb. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The metaverse has been a buzzword in the world of social media, crypto and NFTs – especially since the news that Facebook has officially changed its parent name to META. Large companies such as Apple and Facebook are seeing true value in the growth of AR and virtual reality – and so does Google. As a result of this, it is important to consider how the principles of AR, the Metaverse and a virtual world apply to the likes of search engine optimisation, the search experience and how best to stay aligned in this trend.

So, what is AR and How Does it Support SEO?

Augmented Reality immerses digital content and information in real-time around you creating a balance between physical and digital worlds. Whether it’s using maps or scanning menus to translate languages in real time, the innovation is revolutionary. AR gives your devices new ways to aid you throughout your day by allowing you to interact with digital material in a physical reality. It allows you to visually search for items by just pointing your camera at them. So, as this trend continues to expand, we must consider how best to optimise website content and search results for the power of this innovation.

Augmented reality and metaverse technology are already impacting user’s experience on search in 2022, and soon, augmented reality will be a standard component of the Google search experience. Just how every business should have a website, as the metaverse grows, every business will need a presence in this space.

Augmented reality is having a big impact on how companies market their goods and services, so digital marketing specialists should consider aspects of search that will be impacted by the growing new era of SEO. In terms of SEO rankings and organic search traffic, the more the metaverse technology and digital world meets user’s needs, the more Google will value its input in search.

The Brains, a leading full-service digital marketing agency, are considering how best to integrate SEO strategies to support business marketing in the metaverse. Our SEO experts understand AR, virtual experiences, and the growth of the metaverse will create a more engaged search experience that will be valued by Google.

James McGarrie, An SEO Strategist at The Brains, says:

”Augmented reality and the metaverse will play a huge part in future SEO strategies. As we know, Google values content that serves a purpose to its users and ranks it accordingly. To use AR and the metaverse to a businesses’ advantage, we are going to have to consider how we not only create viable SEO strategies to appeal to the metaverse but also the content to drive the engagement to businesses in this virtual world. We see huge potential in this space and despite it being in its infancy; AR, VR and the Metaverse will surely play a significant role in SEO and user’s search experience in the not too distant future.”

James McGarrie, SEO Strategist, The Brains

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