Animal Protection Party of Canada: Breaking the Bias this International Women’s Day

TORONTO, March 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- This International Women’s Day, the Animal Protection Party of Canada, in the spirit of this year’s #BreaktheBias theme, asks that people consider female animals who are exploited in the agricultural systems.

Liz White, Party Leader, says “As a woman, I could never accept the systemic violence and cruelty perpetrated on the massive number of females for animal-based food, clothing, and other products we don’t need. From physical torment, forced confinement and pregnancy, to repeatedly having their new born babies taken from them, their suffering knows no end except death.”

“Just like us, female animals have families, feel love, care for their children, and want to feel safe. This is politically sanctioned cruelty in the extreme.”

White asks, “How can we consume them when we are aware of the suffering that this causes them? There is no greater bias than how humans treat non-human animals.”

Humans do not require dairy or meat consumption for optimal health. That is why the Canada Food Guide largely removed meat and dairy from its meal plan, no longer making either of them a requirement. Not only is choosing to eat plants more humane for animals, it is more healthy for us, too.

Let’s say ‘yes’ to educating ourselves on the true plight of female animals in our food system this International Women’s Day. Let’s not turn away and instead make conscious choices with what we consume. Today it is easier than ever to get information about the animals that have unnecessarily suffered for our traditional appetites and to go vegan.

We fought for women’s rights and now it is time to fight for female farmed animals and indeed for all animals. We are extending our fight for our sisters in arms. “That’s compassionate politics,” continues White. “That’s why I’m so grateful to the women who have run as candidates for our party, encouraging voters to extend that circle of compassion and helping to create meaningful change for the plight of all animals. I am also grateful to our male candidates who are prepared to join us in this most important battle.”