Iconic Brands Hosts Tour of Newest State-of-the-Art Facility for Investors and Media

-        Investors and media attended the March 1, 2022, unveiling of TopPop’s state-of-the-art 65,000 square foot facility; full production at the facility is expected in Q1 2022

-        Premixed cocktails sales in the United States surged 42.3% to $1.6 billion compared with a year earlier, becoming the fastest-growing spirits category, according to the Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S.

-       Industry trends and surge in premixed cocktails sales expected to benefit Iconic Brands’ ready-to-drink (RTD) and ready-to-freeze (RTF) product categories

AMITYVILLE, NY, March 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --  via NewMediaWire -- Iconic Brands, Inc. (OTCQB: ICNB) (“Iconic” or the “Company”), a leader in the development, design and delivery of feel good beverages, held an investor and media day on March 1, 2022, at TopPop’s New Jersey facilities. The event featured an unveiling and tour of TopPop’s new state-of-the-art 65,000 square foot facility built to expand capacity and keep up with growing customer demand. TopPop’s customers include some of the largest alcohol beverage companies in the world. 

Around 40 institutional and private investors, along with select media outlets, were invited to attend the event and meet Iconic’s management team at TopPop’s current 30,000 square foot facility in Marlton, New Jersey, before touring the new 65,000 square foot facility. The state-of-the-art, solar-powered facility showcased the Company’s vertically integrated operations, including high-speed flexible pouch equipment, blending and batching capabilities, semi-automatic pack-outs and full-product testing capabilities. The new facility is also FDA-registered, Safety Quality Food (SQF)-certified, Kosher and Organic production-certified, TTB & NJ ABC approved. 

Iconic and TopPop have witnessed growth trends in RTF, RTD and premixed cocktails, and have correspondingly ramped up their production capabilities. While TopPop’s current facility produced roughly 40 million units in 2021, the new 65,000 sq. ft facility could eventually produce 150 million units for 2022. The facility will produce frozen ice-pops, stand-up flexible pouches, single-serve shots, organic juice pops, dog treats and more. The new facility has received all necessary licensing and is expected to be at full production by the end of Q1 2022. 

“We were excited to showcase our facility to our investors and to media so they could witness the state-of-the-art technology and innovation of our manufacturing capabilities,” said Tom Martin, President & COO of TopPop. “We felt that it was critical that we adopt sustainable business practices, and during the tour we were able to demonstrate our eco-friendly flexible packaging solutions for RTD, RTF and other applications. We are able to use less material, less energy and less waste for our products, which is more efficient and lowers costs. Additionally, our current facility runs 100% on solar power and we expect our newest facility to do so in the future. Demand has been growing and we plan to have the newest facility running at full production in Q1.”

The Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S. found that premixed cocktails were the fastest-growing spirits category in 2021 and saw sales increase 42.3% to $1.6 billion from a year earlier. Furthermore, the council reported that canned cocktails captured a significant market share from beer and hard seltzer.

Although premixed cocktails remain a small fraction of the overall spirits industry, they have rapidly gained ground. Mainstays like beer continue their years-long downward trend, while hard seltzer growth has stagnated. 

As Iconic continues to see growth opportunities for its RTD and RTF products, many of the most prominent players in the industry have begun investing valuable resources in premixed cocktails, either through their own brands or through acquisitions. A recent CNBC report noted that Anheuser-Busch InBev acquired Cutwater Spirits, and major brands like Ketel One and Crown Royal launched RTD offshoots. Diageo has also invested $110 million in expanding their RTD facility. 

“Although not surprising to us, it was reaffirming to see that premixed cocktails were the fastest-growing spirits category in 2021,” said Iconic Chief Executive Officer Larry Romer. “RTF, RTD and premixed cocktails are booming right now as the largest alcohol brands are investing heavily in this space. As such, we intend to capitalize on this trend with our RTD and RTF products. Understanding how consumer tendencies have evolved over the last few years, we believe that we are well positioned for both near-term and long-term success. Nowadays, consumers want healthier alcohol options from companies that have sustainable practices that are better-for-the planet, and we believe that we have achieved that with our pre-made cocktails. Furthermore, 16 states and the District of Columbia have made cocktails to-go permanent. We expect these trends to translate to a higher growth potential for our TopPop RTF alcohol ice pops and our RTD cocktails.”   

About Iconic  

Iconic Brands, Inc (OTCQB: ICNB) is a leader in the development, design and delivery of feel good beverages. TopPop, its wholly owned subsidiary, is a pioneer in the innovation of low calorie, “ready to go” drinks – ready-to-freeze (RTF) and ready-to-drink (RTD) products in sustainable, flexible, or stand-up pouch packaging. They are a first-mover in the alcohol ice-pop and “cocktails-to-go” market. ICNB’s brands include “Bellissima” by Christie Brinkley, a premium better-for-you and better-for-the-planet collection of Prosecco, Sparkling Wines, and Still Wines, all certified vegan and made with organic grapes. Bellissima is strategically positioned with its Zero Sugar Wines in the fast-growing zero sugar beverage category. The Company operates in multiple states, distributes across the globe and has Fortune 500 customers that include some of the world’s largest alcohol beverage companies and brands.

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