ROKiT Launch Slashes Traditional Liquor Distribution Costs by 50% for Craft Spirits Producers

A sales force of over 800 technology-enabled salespeople


LOS ANGELES, March 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Two-thirds of consumers prefer craft spirits. The craft spirits market is projected to grow four-fold within the next two years in the U.S. liquor market. The existing hundred-year-old three-tiered system, which was created at the end of Prohibition, makes it cost-prohibitive for producers to introduce their craft products to liquor stores, bars, and restaurants. ROKiT Launch, founded in September 2020, bridges this gap for small craft producers. ROKiT Launch is not an online or direct-to-consumer sales platform. ROKiT Launch's technology-enabled sales force of over 800 sales reps, who work with buyers directly, has reduced the cost of traditional distributor commissions by over 50%. 

ROKiT Launch, as of October 2020:

  • Two employees
  • Selling two brands
  • Selling two products
  • Sold into 10 retail locations in Los Angeles

ROKiT Launch today:

  • Over 800 sales reps
  • Selling 30+ curated brands
  • Selling over 100 products
  • 4,400+ actively purchasing accounts with an 85% reorder rate
  • Selling tens of thousands of cases spanning the major metro markets in CA, NY, NJ, and FL

ROKiT Launch's CEO Dean Becker explains, "ROKiT Launch gives craft spirits producers access they haven't had in the current 100-year-old system that was created after Prohibition to intentionally keep the small guys out. Our disruptive, technology-enabled business model has exploded in a way that we never thought possible." 

Jonathan Kendrick, CEO of Bandero Tequila, can personally attest to the effectiveness of working with ROKiT Launch: "After years of being stuck in the traditional alcohol distribution model, our award-winning tequila was not getting the attention it deserved. In a little over a year, ROKiT Launch's salespeople have sold Bandero into over 4,400 independent liquor stores, bars, and restaurants at a fraction of the cost than if we had gone with a traditional distribution method. I have never seen anything like this growth in my entire career!"

ROKiT Launch matches its thoughtfully curated collection of spirits to the tastes and needs of each retailer, bar, and restaurant. "Our saleswomen and men build personal connections with our accounts; visiting independent bars, restaurants, and liquor stores daily to showcase our collection, take orders, and arrange next-day delivery with business owners directly," says Becker, "by bridging the gap between makers and sellers with an ambitious, engaged salesforce armed with patent-protected technology."

Any brands that would like to be considered to join the ROKiT Launch collection should contact Director of Brand Partnerships, Hannah Schreiner, at


ROKiT Launch was created to level the playing field by giving America's 5,000+ small-batch, craft spirits producers a fair pathway to sell into the 500,000+ retailers, bars, and restaurants embracing the modern gig economy. ROKiT Launch is an innovative liquor distribution company that challenges monopolistic industry norms which have been in place since the end of Prohibition. Representing a global team of award-winning distillers and brewers, ROKiT Launch sells craft brands directly to liquor stores bars and restaurants through a robust salesforce who utilize an innovative technology platform to facilitate efficient and cost-saving deliveries. 


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