Leda Health Launches Explorative and Creative Healing Circles for Sexual Assault Survivors

Survivor-run company, Leda Health, offers guided holistic practices led by trauma experts to promote the diversity of healing after sexual assault.

NEW YORK, March 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leda Health, a survivor-run company building trauma-informed tools, announced the release of two virtual programs to support sexual violence survivors in the months and years after assault. Leda's Explorative and Creative Healing Circles offer people who have experienced sexual harm eight weeks of immersive healing with guided practices led by trauma experts. 

Participants explore a range of modalities, like movement and yoga sessions, sound baths, meditation, and art, while approaching sex-positive discussions through a trauma-informed lens. Over eight weeks, survivors develop a toolkit of coping practices in guided sessions over Zoom. Leda has facilitated over one dozen free Community Healing Circles since the start of COVID-19, and their new offerings expand upon their work in the trauma space. Leda partners with colleges and communities to provide sexual assault after-care, healing, and prevention tools aimed at helping more survivors access resources. 

Currently, 77% of survivors go without care after an assault. Leda works to increase access with a diverse range of tools designed for and by survivors. Their services range from educational workshops, to Early Evidence Kits for DNA collection after assault, live support from a 24/7 Care Team, post-assault services like trauma-informed STI testing, and virtual Healing and Accountability Circles. Leda's university partners have access to their full suite of after-care services, and Healing and Accountability Circles are offered to the public. To join a circle, visit Leda.co/healing-circles.

The launch comes at a time when sexual assault rates are rising, exacerbated by the global pandemic. Through guided, holistic practices, participants learn to define healing on their own terms and find new ways to cope. 

"I was drowning. This group was the hand that pulled me out of the ocean to get a breath of fresh air," reflects a healing circle participant. 

Leda's live programming will be followed by the release of self-guided healing courses later this year. Leda will continue to offer free Community Healing Circles in collaboration with local partners, as well as healing and educational workshops to university and community partners.

Drawing from diverse backgrounds in trauma recovery and support, Leda Health's team of survivors, advocates, nurses, lawyers, and healers work to provide pathways that reflect the diversity of the healing process. To join a Healing Circle or partner with Leda Health, visit Leda.co. For press inquiries, email pr@leda.co.

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