Boomerang Launches Bookable Schedule, Bringing Personalization to the Meeting & Scheduling Process

Following more than a decade of developing and powering productivity features, Boomerang tackles the workplace's urgent need for better, personable scheduling for a hybrid workforce

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Boomerang, a leading pioneer in productivity, today released Bookable Schedule which lets people quickly schedule and accept meetings in their inbox. As Boomerang continues their pivotal expansion, the new Bookable Schedule feature empowers everyone to schedule meetings efficiently, while still maintaining a personal touch. A strong believer in the importance of using workplace automation to enhance, rather than replace human interactions, Bookable Schedule completes a suite of offerings for meeting scheduling. Bookable Schedule is available within the Boomerang for Gmail browser extension and the Boomerang iPhone app.

Meetings that never get scheduled have a sunk cost of up to $300B annually. Unfortunately, current scheduling options try to solve this problem by improving efficiency for the sender only. Bookable Schedule is the first-of-its-kind scheduling feature that is as easy to use for the recipient as it is for the sender. Rooted in the idea that people should be at the center of productivity, Bookable Schedule eliminates the invisible labor that some meeting scheduling solutions impose upon recipients.

People can set up a schedule of available times for meetings and share it with as many people as they like. And by inserting Boomerang’s patented, clickable, auto-updating Magic Live Calendar in the email, there’s no double booking or out-of-date time slots offered. The feature also checks for conflicts across all parties’ calendars with the ability to display multiple time zones, to ensure meetings are scheduled at a reasonable time for everyone.

With Bookable Schedule, senders will never forget to add a meeting link for their recipients. Once users connect their Zoom or Google Meet accounts, Bookable Schedule automatically imports details and adds a meeting link into the calendar invite, saving the sender valuable time that otherwise would’ve been spent working through invite logistics.

Beyond sending out meeting invites or availability, Boomerang makes the process as easy as possible for the recipient, no matter their email provider. The recipient can even overlay their own calendars onto the sender’s Magic Live Calendar and accept the invite without leaving their inbox, no need to switch back and forth between tabs.

“We thought deeply about how to make a feature that lets you schedule efficiently without losing your humanity. Movements like “The Great Resignation'' are a clear signal that we’ve exhausted ourselves and our social capital for the sake of efficiency at work,” shared Co-founder and CEO, Aye Moah “Navigating power dynamics and subtext is at the core of this exhaustion. Bookable Schedule makes meeting scheduling as seamless and easy for those being invited as it is for the host, leveling the power dynamic.”

Those looking to install Boomerang for Gmail can do so on Boomerang’s website, For Boomerang on iOS, users can visit the app store at

About Boomerang:
Boomerang (Baydin) is a leading innovator in productivity software, with millions of paying subscribers around the world who enjoy software solutions that place people at the center of productivity. With their suite of email efficiency features such as Inbox Pause, Sending Recurring Emails, Scheduled Send and Respondable which helps increase the likelihood of a response for Gmail, Outlook and their iOS app, Boomerang gives people the ability to make email work on their timeline. And with the introduction of easy inbox meeting scheduling via Bookable Schedule, Suggest Times, and Share Free/Busy, Boomerang for Gmail also acts like a free online meeting scheduler. Making it easy for people all over the world to find a meeting time, schedule a Zoom meeting, and schedule meeting with two different time zones. Putting people at the heart of productivity.

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