Upcoming Secure Technology Alliance Webinar Series Delves into the Future of Access Control

Two-part series explores advancements in credentialing, mobile devices for physical access, biometrics and authentication factors

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., April 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The tech space benefits from a near-constant stream of innovations that challenge industries to adapt or fall behind. The access control sector is no exception. The industry is witnessing advanced integration and uses of mobile devices for logical and physical access control, multi-platform data exchanges and enhanced credentialing. The Secure Technology Alliance’s upcoming webinar series, “What May be Next in the World of Access Control,” will look toward the industry’s future and explore ways to create new solutions in response to technological advancements.

The two-part webinar series will be held on April 14 and April 26, 2022, at 2 pm ET (11 am PT). Those in attendance will gain insights into the scope of physical and logical access control and the various associated use cases. This includes access control considerations in both the public and private sectors. Registration details can be found on the Secure Technology Alliance website.

“Access control has moved far beyond PIV cards and fobs. The industry has become multi-faceted and users are looking for adaptive, secure ways to confirm their identity and credentials without compromising on ease of use,” said Jason Bohrer, executive director of the Secure Technology Alliance. “This webinar series aims to pinpoint potential industry disruptors and empower attendees to stay ahead of future challenges.”

The webinars will feature presentations from the following speakers:
Colin Doniger, Department of Homeland Security; Mark Dale, XTec; John Jacobs, IDEMIA; Lars Suneborn, IDTP; Roger Roehr, Integrated Security Technologies; Jason Bohrer, Secure Technology Alliance

Security professionals, credential providers, developers and access control relying parties can benefit from the topics covered in the upcoming webinar series, including:

  • An overview of trending authentication credentials and devices
  • The application of Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC)
  • The development of apps for access control on mobile devices
  • A look at information sharing services, risk-based factors and opportunities for growth
  • Centralized vs. Decentralized identity management and pros and cons of both approaches

To participate in the creation and development of future webinars, visit the Alliance website for information on membership. Membership and participation in Alliance activities enable organizations of all sizes, and their respective individual members, to not only be at the forefront of digital security but to help shape it by sharing expertise, debating with industry thought leaders and influencing industry best practices.

For continuing updates on the Secure Technology Alliance, visit the organization’s LinkedIn page and follow @SecureTechOrg on Twitter.

About the Secure Technology Alliance
The Secure Technology Alliance is the digital security industry’s premier association. The Alliance brings together leading providers and adopters of end-to-end security solutions designed to protect privacy and digital assets in payments, mobile, identity and access, healthcare, transportation and the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) markets.

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Sherlyn Rijos
Montner Tech PR