Utility NFT Coin (UNC) To Set Standard For NFT Staking, Offers up to 400% APR as USDT

Earn up to 400% APR with NFT Staking on unsea.io

Dubai, UAE, April 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The wide acceptance of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has led to various innovations and use cases, with each of these innovations providing increased benefits to enthusiasts. Amongst these innovations is the Non-Fungible Token – NFT. NFTs create more value for items by leveraging blockchain technology. In essence, NFTs, through the inclusivity of the blockchain, make it possible for people to sell their digital content for an excellent economic value without losing their creators' rights.

Since more NFTs are created, sold, and bought regularly, their popularity is growing as they are used across different industries. Every NFT is considered to be one-of-kind. Both intrinsic and extrinsic factors determine the value of NFTs. The value of an NFT depends on the credibility of the digital artist, the nature of the art, the story of the artwork, the integrated rarity, and its use cases.

50% of all NFT sales are below $200, with some being valued at no price

There are thousands of NFT games in circulation, with each of the games creating thousands of corresponding NFTs. There may have been more attention on art NFT. Still, gaming NFTs remain one of the most lucrative investments in the marketplace, and this is a result of the usability features of the NFTs in games and the corresponding value of each.

Utility NFT Coin marketplace is an integrative platform wherein NFT creators and enthusiasts buy and sell NFTs. The platform is an augmented marketplace wherein artists of various niches can tokenize their content and get excellent economic value! Imagine buying an NFT that grants you access to play to earn games or a metaverse? That’s UNC!

Utility NFT Coin develops the first dynamic NFT marketplace wherein NFT creators and enthusiasts can launch their NFTs and get economic value for each sale. The platform integrates a gaming system wherein users can play games, build up value for in-game NFTs, and earn every match won. Rather than leverage the platform for only NFT trading, the platform integrates various dynamic measures to provide users with more value.

“Utility NFT Coin develops the first unique NFT staking program wherein NFT can be minted and staked to earn upto 400% APR as USDT rewards real-time. UNC also boasts of providing NFT purchases directly with Visa/mastercard in their platform”

The platform integrates a staging feature wherein enthusiasts can stake a minted NFT. Artists can set the staking period for 7days, 21 days, a month or even an year. For every NFT minted in the marketplace, the NFT buyer can stake his NFT without actually transferring the ownership and earn upto 400% APR. Thereby, protecting the initial investment of the NFT purchase. The buyer can also choose to utilize his/her NFT across various utility options in the platform.

The Utility NFT Coin marketplace integrates the NFT royalty system to enable the original creator of an asset to get fees in the event of a new sale. Hence, the creator will earn 8% from every future sale after the first token sale. However, currently the creators can apply on unsea.io platform for launching NFT’s only on invite basis.

NFT buyers can establish life-long passive income streams for their purchase, thereby empowering NFT creators with a powerful feature to promote their NFT’s and safeguard their buyers investment.

Most NFT holders leave their NFT’s in their wallets, hoping that the NFT will increase in value over time. During this waiting period, the holder gains nothing. However, the integrative staking feature can be leveraged to put NFT’s to work for an added return up to 400% APR as USDT Rewards

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