SOS WAX And Skincare Set To Open New Branch On Blue Diamond

Las Vegas, April 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Las Vegas, Nevada -

NV based SOS WAX and Skincare is pleased to announce that they will be opening their new branch on Blue Diamond this spring. From here, SOS WAX will be able to offer their services to a larger number of clients, offering quality waxing services to everyone who walks in their door. SOS WAX understands that everyone wants to look good and that their services can help a number of people achieve this goal by producing clean, soft and smooth skin. Find more information on SOS WAX and Skincare’s Blue Diamond location on their website.

“While there are several salons available in the city that offer waxing services, we recommend going to an expert beautician to take care of your skin,” says the waxing salon. “If you’ve been in the market for a full-service spa with waxing services, you’ll want to check out SOS wax spa and beauty salon. Whatever your waxing needs are, we’re more than prepared to cater to them, and we do it at reasonable prices as well. You should have no problem finding what you’re looking for in Blue Diamond or anywhere else in Las Vegas. But if you still aren’t sure where to look, our handy guide below should help point you in the right direction.”

SOS WAX will offer a variety of services from their new Blue Diamond location that are aimed at addressing a wide range of client needs. Body waxing is one of their many services — and is likely to be their most popular as time goes on. The spa and beauty salon provides quality body waxing, and with their friendly, professional staff, they can quickly turn any client’s body completely smooth and limit the effects of regrowth. They use top-of-the-line products and procedures to ensure that their clients are comfortable in their own skin. Read more about their services at

Another service offered by the Blue Diamond spa and beauty salon is male Brazilian waxing. A professionally done Brazilian wax keeps hair from growing in unwanted places and is the perfect solution for men looking to keep themselves free of hair. It is a fast and simple way of getting rid of unwanted hair, and those interested need only book an appointment at the new Blue Diamond location to get started. The spa similarly offers bikini waxing, one of the most popular waxing trends among women. It has been known to help women feel more comfortable when exposing skin at the beach or poolside, and is many women’s preferred solution for unwanted hair around the bikini area.

The spa further offers other services unrelated to body hair removal. At SOS WAX, clients can get a facial if they so please. This is one of the best ways for them to treat their skin and improve its general appearance. There are many different kinds of facials to choose from, from deep cleansing to vitamin-infused, and all of them have the potential to greatly improve the skin’s appearance. The spa and beauty salon also offers teeth whitening, a straightforward way to bring teeth to a desired shade.

“When you need a salon, you deserve the best. At least, that’s our mindset,” the salon says. “Imagine the best facial you’ve ever had, with the latest technology and advanced products. What if we ensured not only the cleanest wax but also the smoothest, most comfortable skin possible? How much better would it feel to be tanned and silky smooth after a session with one of our pros? How would you live your life if everything was taken care of, so you could do what you love without looking after yourself? At SOS Wax salon, we combine years of experience providing our clients with the best in care, product lineup, and service with a fierce devotion to pampering and powdering as a way of life. As the premier destination for all things beauty, we have just what you need to look, feel, and become more beautiful in no time!”

For more information on the waxing salon and their brand new Blue Diamond branch, visit their website. Clients are also welcome to contact the salon directly to inquire further.


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