NSR: Cloud Service Delivery via Satellite to Generate $32 Billion by 2031

Impending Wave of LEO, MEO, and GEO-HTS Satcom and Data Services set to Significantly Boost Long-Term Cloud Adoption

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NSR’s newly released Cloud Computing via Satellite, 3rd Edition (CCvS3) sees Cloud Service Delivery via Satellite positioned to generate $32 Billion, with 240+ Exabytes of Traffic, by 2031. The impending wave of LEO, MEO, and GEO-HTS satcom and data services is set to boost long-term cloud adoption, significantly enhancing market engagement opportunities.

Going forward, Cloud will play a key role in bridging gaps between traditional upstream aerospace/satellite players focused on manufacturing spacecraft and launching into orbit, and downstream end users and middle layer organizations, where demand resides.

“With the need to address user-specific requirements across verticals, Cloud solutions adoption is expected to increase,” states report co-author Shivaprakash Muruganandham. “Cloud-hosted applications, cloud storage/processing by geospatial analytics providers, and direct cloud connectivity for satcom will all further growth in this market, evolving business models development.”

New partnerships and service roll out offer market capture and growth potential, as satellite players vie to capture the untapped addressable markets across verticals, from communications to data downlink and geospatial analytics.

“The market for data downlink onto cloud servers towards EO applications is growing significantly,” notes report co-author Prachi Kawade. “Driven by an increasing number of constellations and increasingly rich information driving toward higher volumes, particularly with HR and VHR data, be it SAR, hyperspectral or sub-meter resolution optical imagery, opportunity is set to broaden.”

While 98% of data traffic come from satcom cloud services, volume is growing for Earth Observation, Situational Awareness and science applications as large cloud and IT players make further in-roads into traditional satellite industry, shaking up the market ecosystem.

Muruganandham concludes, “Cloud adoption is lowering the barriers to entry for space-derived data services, especially on the downstream side of the market. With greater opportunities available to them than in the past, today’s start-ups born in the cloud are shaping the future of the satellite industry.”

About the Report

NSR’s Cloud Computing via Satellite, 3rd Edition (CCvS3) is the industry resource on cloud computing activity within the satellite industry. With focus on direct cloud connectivity solutions, satellite data downlink to cloud servers, big data analytics and the use of in-orbit infrastructure for storage, the report provides an in-depth view of the various ways in which the cloud technology market interfaces with the space and satellite markets. CCvS3 provides in-depth analysis of emerging Cloud-related trends, detailing the key players and services through the decade. 

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Companies and OrganizationsMentioned inNSR’s CCvS3

AddValue, Airbus, Amazon Web Services, Atlas Space Operations, Ball Aerospace, Blacksky, Capella Space, Cloud Constellation, CloudEO, Clutch Space Systems, Deimos, Descartes Labs, Ericsson, EarthDaily Analytics, ESA, Global Eagle, Global Star, Google, Groundspace, Hawkeye 360, Hiber, HPE, Hughes, IBM, Iceye, Infostellar, Inmarsat, Intelsat, Iridium, Kratos Defense & Space, KSAT, KUBOS, Leafspace, LEOcloud, Lockheed Martin, Lyteloop, Maxar, Microsoft, Mynaric, Myriota, NASA, Orbex, Orbit20, Orbital Insights, Orbits Edge, Planet, Raytheon, RBC Signals, Redhat, Rezatec, RS Metrics, Satsure, SES, Skyroot Aerospace, Skywatch, SpaceX, Spire, SSC, Telesat, Up42, Ursa, and ViaSat.

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