Japanese Artist Yuki Tsuji and OurSong Partner to Release First-Ever NFT of Ikebana

Digital release brings Japanese art of flower arrangement to Web3

LOS ANGELES and SINGAPORE, April 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Our Happy Company, the company behind social NFT platform OurSong, has partnered with Yuki Tsuji, master of the Japanese flower arrangement practice, Ikebana, to release the first-ever NFT depicting this artform. A one-of-one release from Tsuji, this release showcases how NFT creation can amplify unique and cultural art, exposing it to new audiences and communities.

In Ikebana, blossoms, branches, leaves, and stems find new life as materials for artmaking. It aims to bring out the inner qualities of flowers and other live materials and express emotion. Yuki Tsuji is a Japanese ‘Ikebana’ artist, and is one of the most prominent figures representing traditional arts in Japan today. He has been recognized as the first Ikebana artist to ever perform at Carnegie Hall, and he was commissioned by Cartier to create an installation at one of their shows.

Tsuji’s NFT will be released to the public on April 30. The NFT is based on the theme of “Tree of Rebirth”, featuring a motif of a pine tree emerging from the shadows. To view this NFT, please visit https://www.oursong.com/vibe/dwlzdbew.

“I have understood the beauty and relevance of Ikebana, and it will be a big step forward for this historic practice to adapt and endure in the technological age,” said Yuki Tsuji. “By partnering with OurSong to release my art as an NFT, I am confident that the beauty of Ikebana will reach new audiences and bring the cultural tradition to the digital age.”

Through this partnership, OurSong is helping to bring traditional culture and art to Web3 while also cementing Ikebana as a new artform within the NFT community. By partnering with OurSong, creators like Tsuji, regardless of their crypto experience, can create new avenues to celebrate and share their work to audiences that may previously be unreachable.

“Democratizing NFTs is giving artists the opportunity to amplify their work to communities and fans they may otherwise be unable to reach,” said Chris Lin, Co-founder and CEO of Our Happy Company. “By working with Yuki, we hope to encourage more artists to share their work and shed light on the beauty of their creativity within our community.”

OurSong, co-founded by John Legend, was created to serve as an entry point to NFT creation and ownership for all creators. It offers an easy-to-use mobile experience that makes NFT ownership, and the social and digital benefits that come with it, as simple as a few clicks on a phone.

About Our Happy Company
Founded by veteran serial entrepreneurs from the streaming and entertainment industry, Our Happy Company is building blockchain technology for the creator economy. The company’s first mobile application, OurSong, is a consumer social NFT platform that allows users to easily discover, create, and trade NFTs while building social followings and digital communities. The founding team is based in Singapore, Taipei, and Los Angeles.

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