New Hygiene Essentials Solution Helps Companies to Reduce Industrial and Occupational Risks and Boost Compliance

Software designed by Industrial Hygiene experts uses industry best practices, rapid time-to-value

TORONTO, May 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It's estimated that over 2 million people globally lose their lives each year due to diseases linked to workplace exposure to harmful substances. While many organizations have industrial hygiene programs in place, shrinking hygiene budgets and the loss of hygiene experts are making the effort to effectively manage these exposures, and thereby reduce the risk of occupational illness, much more challenging. In response to the market need, leading global EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) software provider, Cority, announced today the availability of its Hygiene Essentials solution, providing businesses an entry point to digitizing their industrial hygiene management program simply, affordably, and quickly. 

Cority's Hygiene Essentials packages industry best practices and proven workflows in a ready-to-use, rapid time-to-value solution that can scale with a customer's growth and changing needs. The solution enables organizations to manage all quantitative and qualitative occupational exposure assessment data in one central place, in real-time, to clearly identify hazards, evaluate and manage risks, and develop an effective and comprehensive hygiene program to protect their workforce in the near and long term. 

Industrial hygiene hazards are largely invisible and difficult to predict; their effects may not manifest for decades. Without reliable data that quantifies the risk - including the degree of exposure, the exposure duration, and the number of people exposed - organizations may not feel a sense of urgency to prioritize these sorts of potential issues over more seemingly immediate health and safety risks. 

"Companies invest in solving problems they can see and measure. Lung disease from long-term chemical exposure or hearing loss related to high noise levels are much less tangible and immediate than a broken leg from a slip and fall accident," said Sean Baldry, senior product marketing manager for Cority. "Cority provides organizations with the tools to act now and make informed decisions about where and how to invest in the health of their employees before the exposure becomes a bigger problem and their reputation as a responsible employer is negatively impacted."

The Hygiene Essentials solution gives companies the ability to:

  • Automate monitoring plans to speed up performance tracking, transfer data to external labs, and compare results against exposure limits to determine compliance
  • Record and upload monitoring data from the field on any mobile device, reducing secondary administration and errors, helping to address issues early
  • Group employees based on user-defined criteria to streamline monitoring plans and extrapolate results to trigger associated surveillance activities
  • Track metrics and uncover key insights to help make data-driven decisions to manage hygiene risk

"Leveraging our internal team's backgrounds in industrial hygiene and safety, as well as our experience configuring custom solutions for our customers, we build the wealth of that knowledge into the software," said Laura Beeler, senior manager of EHS solutions for Cority who has previously served in a number of health and safety roles within global enterprises. "You don't have to have an industrial hygienist on staff or know advanced statistics to be able to use the solution."

The Cority teams' level of demonstrated industrial and occupational hygiene expertise was a key factor in Dow Chemical Company's selection of Cority to replace its outdated homegrown solution that was used for decades to manage employee risks. 

"Some other solutions offered industrial hygiene packages, but they weren't primarily focused on industrial hygiene," said Jim Weldy, industrial hygiene manager for Dow. "The details matter. If a vendor doesn't really understand how you're trying to protect workers, the solution can miss the boat rather significantly."

Hygiene Essentials is also part of CorityOneTM, the company's integrated EHS SaaS-based platform, which provides a scalable and seamless path for future growth. The responsible business platform enables datasets to be combined from across the organization for realizing improved efficiencies, actionable insights, data-driven decisions, and more accurate reporting. Building on an organization's industrial hygiene program, clients can easily unify all their EHS programs into a single comprehensive platform to uncover key insights and create a single, accurate, and holistic view of EHS performance.

Hygiene Essentials is the second Essentials solution released by Cority this year and the fifth in its product portfolio. Like all Cority's Essentials packages, the solution is designed for rapid deployment, providing a starting point based on best practices and proven processes and focusing on foundational elements of an occupational hygiene program. The Essentials packages drive accelerated adoption and quick wins that organizations can build on for future expansion by offering faster time-to-value and lower total cost of ownership. Hygiene Essentials is a standardized version of Cority's comprehensive Industrial Hygiene solution under the Cority Health Cloud.

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