It’s All Fun and Games in Boerne, TX: Win an Exciting Stay Package

2 Nights, Dining, Attractions, and a Texas Hill Country Monopoly Game!

Boerne, Texas, UNITED STATES

Boerne, TX, May 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Do not pass “Go”!  The recent launch of the Texas Hill Country Monopoly game is leaving travelers asking, “Is there time to take that last-second road trip we talked about?” The answer is YES! Boerne is conveniently located in the center of the Texas Hill Country and waiting for you and your crew.

Pause for a moment and enter to win the latest Boerne sweepstakes for four that includes an assortment of great surprises!

While playing Texas Hill Country Monopoly, you too can purchase Boerne’s historic Hill Country Mile and the Cibolo Center for Conservation amongst several other notable attractions and hotspots across the region.   

Whether you’re waiting for the final school bell to ring or you’re on the hunt for that next great escape with friends, Boerne’s historic charm, natural beauty, and manageable size is sure to make it a vacation destination that will top your summer to-do list. It’s easy to put together a quick itinerary filled with elevated dining, exciting activities, boutique shopping, and relaxed sipping. While planning, check the calendar of events to maximize your trip’s fun factor by selecting a date that includes a downtown block party, guided night-time nature hike, live music, and more.

Your Boerne adventure awaits, and the entire town is at your service. Start outlining your trip at and take a peek at what’s in store across all the Visit Boerne social media accounts.


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