Elite CurrenSea Introduces a new Expert Advisor Collection “Chirs’ Mix” Based on Entirely New Approach

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Tallinn, May 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Elite CurrenSea has decided to launch a new bundle of fully-automated Expert Advisors called “Chris’ Mix”. As the name suggests, the product is designed by one of the founders of ECS, Chris Svorcik. With 15 years of experience backing him up, Chris decided to introduce a totally new approach to the customers different from the prior successful products such as Athena EA. Chris’ Mix is going to be ECS’ most personally managed account ever.

As mentioned earlier, people are going to see Chris’ footprints across the board, starting from the risk management principles, down to the approach to selecting the right Expert Advisors as well as managing to trade in the current heated market climate.

Compared to the predecessors like Portfolio ECS, Chris’ Mix has a sole focus on automated trading which enables it to maximize the results given by the EAs. On top of that, there is no Grid-Trading approach which results in lower risk.

After testing more than 20 expert advisors (some created and coded by ECS) for a better part of the past 6 months on real accounts with their own money, the company has created a winning selection for Chris’ Mix.

To make this choice, they have taken into account the type of strategy used by each expert advisor (EA) so that they complement each other and thus minimize the DD.

Combination Includes:

  • Two trend-following scalpers working on Gold
  • Breakout strategy for the Tokyo session traded on GBP/JPY
  • Mean reversal strategy on multiple pairs (works both in well-known major pairs such as USDJPY, EURCAD or EURUSD as well as in more exotic pairs like the EURSGD)
Expected DDWithin 30%
Expected Monthly Returns10% on average
Expected Yearly Returns100 to 150%

No matter how good the solution might be, having a balanced portfolio is a key to success, this is why ECS suggests looking into different approaches they offer to the market.

By doing this, the client ultimately reduces the risk and aligns the exposure to the market as Elite CurrenSea’s Risk Management Department.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/elite-currensea-introduces-a-new-expert-advisor-collection-chirs-mix-based-on-entirely-new-approach/