PTOP Signs Letters Of Commitment To Use MOBICARD 2.0 With Multiple Companies, professionals, and Organizations

Cambridge, MA, May 31, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Peer To Peer Network aka MobiCard (OTC Pink: PTOP) is proud to announce it has executed Multiple Letters of Commitment with various organizations to commit to signing up and using MOBICARD™ 2.0 upon its release.

Recently the Chairman & CEO of Peer To Peer Network (PTOP) Joshua Sodaitis was in New York City for the Unfair Advantage Live event. This event had thousands of applicants apply and only one hundred applicants were selected. Joshua Sodaitis was one of these applicants who was selected to attend the event. The list of high-caliber CEOs and entrepreneurs included authors, tv personalities, life coaches, development companies, and more. Josh saw this as more than an opportunity to mix with the media but also to network with other companies that could utilize the MOBICARD apps. After all, this was a networking event, and what better tool is there to network with other than MOBICARD™?

“MOBICARD™ was a big hit with everyone that I showed it to at the conference. Of course, I had to preface that there was a redesign coming and that the real apps to use would be MOBICARD™ 2.0 coming soon. I explained why they need to wait until our proprietary MOBICARD™ 2.0 apps come out before signing up, but everyone loved the concept and wished they had a MOBICARD™ to network with at the event. So, I began to take notes on who I would facilitate to use the MOBICARD™ 2.0 as soon as it hits the market. I learned a lot from the last soft launch of our MOBICARD beta apps and want to make sure we have a much larger impact with multiple users signing up when we have our actual official launch of MOBICARD™ 2.0. MOBICARD™ 2.0 will be a product that is easy to use, easy to sign up for, and has better aesthetic value. I knew that enterprise account sign-ups with the top representatives of the companies attending the event could roll out MOBICARD™2.0 to their entire workforce and we could gain multiple users through just one contact. I came up with a letter of commitment to serve as a binding contract to get users lined up prior to launch because I knew that it would benefit all parties involved,” explained CEO Joshua Sodaitis.

Mr. Sodaitis the CEO of PTOP had the luxury of meeting the lovely Jessa Carter at the Unfair Advantage Live event, who signed an agreement to roll out the MOBICARD™ 2.0 app to her company once the MOBICARD™ 2.0 version is debuted. From Neurosurgery to Neuro Finesse Expert, Jessa Carter is the most highly sought visionary and life strategist for high-achieving leaders, celebrities, and entrepreneurs who are missing fulfillment, joy, and passion in life despite their tremendous financial success. Jessa is the author of the upcoming book Wealth in Peace, has spoken on stage at the Think and Grow Rich Legacy Tour, and has been featured on numerous podcasts and in the Best You magazine for her expertise in creating positive change in the mind, body, heart, and soul. As the founder and CEO of Divine Heart Dynasty™, she excels in re-defining and re-inventing yourself, your life, your business, and your relationships to soaring heights that defy logic so that your time on earth is by Intentional Design, never by default. If you are interested in becoming a private client of world-renowned Jessa Carter or hiring her to light up the stage at your event, send an email to You can see more details about her programs here: or listen to the latest podcast she was featured on here:

“Jessa & I toured the new Summit building in New York City together after the conference. She has a brilliant medical and business mind as well as a positive life approach, her organization is headed places for sure, and I am glad to have her organizations to be one of the 1st to roll out MOBICARD™ 2.0” stated Mr. Sodaitis.

“Josh is a dynamic and driven CEO like myself; we clicked right away! It was a blast touring the Summit at One Vanderbilt together. Entrepreneurs having fun and masterminding should be the new norm; brilliant ventures, limitless possibilities, and positive impact come from brilliant minds joining forces, especially when fun is involved!” - Jessa Carter

Another attendee who also signed a letter of commitment to use MOBICARD™2.0 is Jaime Bronstein, LCSW, AKA "The Relationship Expert," was named "The #1 Relationship Coach Transforming Lives in 2020" by Yahoo Finance. Jaime is also the host of "Love Talk Live" on LA Talk Radio. Often called upon by various media outlets, Jaime has shared her relationship advice on KTLA, ABC, NBC, CBS News, Forbes, The New York Times, USA Today, People Magazine, and Thrive Global, to name a few. To schedule a virtual or in-person session with Jaime, head to her website, Jaime's work empowers her clients to become aware that they were born to have love in their lives – not just any love –the right love for them. Jaime has a BA in psychology from Boston University, a master's degree from New York University, and a certificate in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. Jaime's education and over twenty years of experience enable her to help her clients heal, seeing each challenge in life as an opportunity to evolve as an individual to live a love-filled life and to live life to its fullest extent. Jaime continues to fulfill her mission of creating a positive impact while changing lives worldwide. You can email Jaime at

“Jaime has a very impressive resume and is the best person to listen to when it comes to relationship advice. The people she will share her MOBICARD™2.0 with including her over 90K Instagram followers will indeed lead to curiosity that I believe will spread to multiple signups at all the right places, and levels. She was a joy to be around and made my first day at the conference so much more enjoyable,” declared CEO Sodaitis.

Kelechi Maduka, aka “Ben” is a Director of Saint Catherine's a healthcare company located in Garland, Tx, that care's for the terminally ill, and also provides support and help to their caregivers in order to make end-of-life care as pain-free, anxiety-free, and frustration-free as possible. Saint Catherine’s primary goal is to see those in end-of-life scenarios, well cared for, very well prayed for, and very well counseled. Providing a comforting presence to take away any anxiety, or fear. If you are in the TX area you can learn more about their services here:  4229 Glenhaven Dr, Garland, TX 75042.

“Ben & I had a lot of fun. I met him on day one of the event and we kind of just clicked. When I found out he was the director of a healthcare, hospice company I knew that we were destined to do business together. I may even fly out to TX to help implement the MOBICARD™2.0 to his entire company. We also had some fun at the photo booth at the media mixer. Ben is a down-to-earth, smart, motivated individual who is a kind and considerate person. I am sure his patients are extremely well cared for. In fact, probably the best in Texas care you could get,” exclaimed CEO Sodaitis.

Pandesco is pleased to announce it will be using the MOBICARD 2.0 application company-wide as an enterprise account when it is released later this summer. Neil Hicks, President of Pandesco Inc. (phone: 888.804.0002) is a Business Technology company focused on serving  Retail, Wholesale and Omni-Channel businesses, met Josh Sodaitis CEO of PTOP at a recent Unfair Advantage Live event and realized the value of the two organizations working together on this key initiative.

“Neil was one of the first people I met at the conference and immediately we knew that we had some overlap on what our companies did. He is the best in software for streamlining companies' operational flow structures, he even volunteered to help out MOBICARD™ if we needed it. Enterprise accounts allow MOBICARD™ users to have all of their employees signed up and for the administrator to be able to manage their employees to see who is sharing cards and who their leads are, giving more control to the employer, at the same time giving PTOP multiple sign ups,” explained Mr. Sodaitis.

Lambros B. Demos is a seasoned and award-winning Real Estate Broker who educates and empowers home buyers and sellers to make smart real estate decisions so they can win every time they buy or sell a property. Lambros regularly creates relevant content for social media and hosts live shows and seminars (both in-person and virtual) targeting investors, first-time home buyers, and downsizing seniors. He is a top producer in his organization, consistently ranking among the top 10% in Canada. Passionate about his community and giving back, Lambros is among the top donors to the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation; organizes an annual charity soccer tournament for ALS Canada, and regularly spotlights and supports local businesses on social media. Lambros can be found at: 

Lambros was impressed with MOBICARD™ and said, “I think MOBICARD™ is the future. This is going to be revolutionary.”

“Lambros is at the top of the food chain in real estate in Canada. I met him the first day of the conference and we got to know each other over a ride to Time Square where we took photos of our pictures on the billboard, and also over dinner later that night. Lambros is not only going to be able to spread MOBICARD™ 2.0 in Canada but his organization can glean unique opportunities that specifically benefit the real estate industry from features included in MOBICARD™ 2.0. Lambros was sending me messages in Facebook messenger and asked how he could get involved. He is now also a shareholder of PTOP as well. The synergies between our companies can only benefit each other in our respective fields,” commented Joshua Sodaitis.

Nicole Mellecker is the founder of Intuitive Impacts, LLC, which offers a variety of creative strategies from marketing, branding, content development, implementation, design, & commercial roadmaps. Unlike agencies that take on many clients. A month out from the official launch Nicole is seeking out a select few high-profile entrepreneurs to help differentiate her brand and develop a long-term relationship with her clients to make every strategy, every idea, and every version stand out, resulting in measurable & memorable conversions in the marketplace. Nicole can be contacted by phone at 630-514-3282 or by email at

“Nicole was a charmer. She certainly made an impression on me. Perhaps once MOBICARD™ 2.0 is released we may work out an arrangement where she helps market our apps in the marketplace in exchange for shares in our company. Marketing agencies such as hers begin to develop strategies and relationships early on to drill down on specific markets. I like to think that her agency will begin to blossom and MOBICARD™2.0 will enable her to spread her vision further, and faster than the traditional methods, maybe she can even market our app to” expounded Mr. Sodaitis.

"Josh & I immediately connected when we met on Day 3 of UAL. It was clear that we understood each other's vision & opportunity for us to help one another in our endeavors. Working with people like Josh is what makes the entrepreneurial journey so rewarding & inspiring,” added Nicole.

Carol Register is a SINC Certified Master NeuroCoach, operating Success Uniquely Yours. Success Uniquely Yours is a NeuroCoaching and Principles of Wealth company that offers proprietary neuroscience-based coaching programs including the Diamond Transformation, enabling clients to rapidly receive their chosen results. In addition to coaching, Carol is an international multiple business owner, global investor, speaker, and consultant.  She has recently been featured on multiple podcasts and stages speaking about the power of neuro-coaching. FB:  Success Uniquely Yours | Facebook  Free Insider Tips:

“Carol was one of the first people I met at the conference as she was sitting at my table on day one. She is a global investor and one we hope to add to PTOP’s shareholder list. I believe that once she is invested in the MOBICARD™ apps she will share in the prosperity through the share price, as she taps her network of companies based overseas and grows the MOBICARD™ user base, the share price should reward her handsomely. Of course, as of now, she is just bound by the commitment letter to roll out MOBICARD™ 2.0 to her company Success Uniquely Yours. She did tell me she owned a hotel-based business overseas so it is my plan that once she sees how awesome the MOBICARD™2.0 platform is, she will integrate it into her other business as well. I am confident she and I have plenty of business to discuss going forward,” proclaimed Joshua Sodaitis.

Peer To Peer Network has only begun to tap the network of individuals and contacts gleaned from the Unfair Advantage Live event. PTOP has plans to discuss enrollment with every company that attended. CEO Sodaitis secured 99% of the attendees' contact details. The developers and CEO Sodaitis held their first meeting on Friday since executing the contract for the MOBICARD™ 2.0 development. At this time, things appear to be ahead of schedule. The conference attended in New York City is beginning to pay off for the shareholders of PTOP.

“I want to thank all of the individuals above. It was a pleasure meeting each of you and I look forward to a long-lasting relationship. I anticipate shared involvement in our upcoming growth phase. I hope to add you all as shareholders, so that you can enjoy the growth I anticipate in our stock price once we enter the acquisition phase. To my shareholders; I have been waiting for the acquisition phase with enthusiasm ever since I became CEO. My time and effort on customer acquisition will speak for itself.  Even without a tangible marketable product, I am resourcefully securing inevitable growth. The customer acquisition stage is fast approaching. When MOBICARD™2.0 is released, I will do a high-volume media blitz campaign. I will utilize the relationships being built with the media professionals I met at this conference, and I will do a massive media tour to promote rapid growth. I believe the path to profitability is near. I will issue a follow-up press release about the media part of this conference soon,” concluded Chairman and CEO of PTOP Joshua Sodaitis.

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Peer to Peer Network aka MobiCard is the first of its kind digital contact/business card. It will greatly facilitate the ability of individuals and businesses to share information and more effectively expand their visibility and brand awareness. MobiCard is a combination of powerful mobile apps and desktop apps with wide-ranging capabilities, including linking videos, user websites, all forms of contact information, and all of each user's social media links into one consolidated source. It is more than just a digital business card; it's a "dynamic digital footprint." A subscriber can custom create their business card to include a company logo, profile photo, contact details, website, audio messaging, social media links, and multi-media content. The platform sharing and alert system enable users to share their card via text/SMS, e-mail, and global social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The system provides the user with instant text alerts when their card is opened or shared to third-party referrals all while building an invaluable database of contact leads.

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Unfair Advantage Live Event Unfair Advantage Live Event Mr. Sodaitis ,CEO of PTOP had the luxury of meeting Jessa Carter Mr. Sodaitis, CEO of PTOP meets Kelechi Maduka, aka “Ben”, Director of Saint Catherine's a healthcare company located in Garland, TX Pandesco is pleased to announce it will be using the MOBICARD 2.0 application company-wide Lambros B. Demos is a seasoned and award-winning Real Estate Broker Nicole Mellecker is the founder of Intuitive Impacts, LLC, which offers a variety of creative strategies Carol Register is a SINC Certified Master NeuroCoach, operating Success Uniquely Yours. Unfair Advantage Live Event Jaime Bronstein, LCSW, AKA "The Relationship Expert," was named "The #1 Relationship Coach Transforming Lives in 2020" by Yahoo Finance