Creditsafe partners with Nectarine Credit to improve neglected credit application process

Allentown, PA, June 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- June 6, 2022 - Today, Creditsafe USA (part of Creditsafe Group), global credit and data risk intelligence experts, announced an exciting new partnership with Nectarine Credit, technology platform leaders in business credit application and credit decisioning. This business arrangement amplifies the strengths of both companies and gives their clients solid benefits as a result. For over 100 years, businesses depended on paper-based processes to review and approve credit. Those old processes have not been updated, they are inefficient and require significant time and resources to even accomplish mediocre outcomes.  Data automation offers a consistent, fast and secure process for a critical segment of every successful business. This announcement was made during the National Association of Credit Management 2022 Credit Congress in Louisville, Kentucky. The partnership accelerates credit decisioning automation by leaning on both companies' robust and state-of-the-art technology. “We know business wants to do things differently and we are going to take them forward with this alliance,” says Matthew Debbage, COO Creditsafe Group. “We see so much opportunity with the Nectarine Credit partnership because of their fresh perspectives and advanced technology offers our clients improved onboarding efficiencies, trade with peace of mind around their credit policies and ultimately, a better customer experience”. 

Existing and new Creditsafe clients can access Creditsafe reporting, scoring and decisioning data directly on the Nectarine Credit digital credit application platform. And Nectarine Credit customers now have instant and seamless access to Creditsafe data on the platform. Nectarine Credit’s automated vendor credit application, and its review and approval process work even better with Creditsafe’s Decision Engine platform.  “We hear all the time how old credit processes take too much time and resources, yet those processes still linger in todays’ fast paced environment.” says Alex Armitage, CEO Nectarine Credit. “This partnership is exciting because together we deliver credit decisioning support that’s timely, efficient and accurate. Our goal is to give our clients confidence to make better decisions to reduce risk and drive growth. It’s about running bank verifications and other credit check processes in seconds versus months. We believe it’s time for a better credit decisioning platform.”

About Creditsafe

Creditsafe, the global business intelligence experts, are the world’s most used providers of business credit reports. Today 110,000 customers globally depend on Creditsafe to make critical business decisions. Using real-time data from over 9,000 sources across 160+ countries Creditsafe provide its customer with clarity over their commercial landscape, allowing them to confidently optimize risk within their business.

About Nectarine Credit:

Nectarine Credit is the leading business credit application and credit decisioning platform. The company's digital credit application offers automated vendor reference checks as well as instant bank verifications to help clients reduce risk and accelerate commercial onboarding and credit checks. The Victoria, Canada based company offers a scalable solution for businesses that perform commercial credit checks and send out credit applications as part of their client onboarding and vetting.