Medela Introduces #MomsUnite4Milk Campaign to Benefit Families Across North America

Supporting Families Impacted by the Formula & Donor Milk Shortages

McHenry, IL, June 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the current formula and donor milk shortages affecting families across North America, Medela is launching a month-long #MomsUnite4Milk pumpathon and educational campaign to support moms and families who are uniting to help address this national crisis. The campaign is inspired by the incredible community of parents, who passionately support each other through their unique journeys every day.

“Families need support now, and we’re committed to doing what we can to address this crisis,” explains Jeff Castillo, executive vice president for the Americas at Medela. “Through this month-long pumpathon, we are offering breast milk bags and educational resources for those who want to donate their breast milk. Medela is also offering support to nonprofit milk banks so they can continue to serve the community of families who rely on them to provide the essential nutrition they need for their baby.”

Breast milk strengthen's baby's immune system and can help baby fight disease and infection. Because of the current shortage, milk banks nationwide are experiencing a 20 percent uptick in demand, with that number expected to continue rising each day. Even prior to the shortage, there has been a trending rise in demand for donated breast milk for years, with a 22 percent increase alone from 2020 to 2021.

There are several ways to get involved in the #MomsUnite4Milk pumpathon campaign: 

  • Join the month-long #MomsUnite4Milk breast pumpathon and donate milk to HMBANA or your local milk bank. Medela will provide 1,000 moms with breast milk storage bags if they agree to donate their milk to a milk bank.
    How does it work? Moms can email their name and address to and let Medela know how you will support! What should you know? Medela will provide breast milk storage bags to the first 1,000 moms located in the in the USA or Canada who reach out.

  • Make a direct monetary donation to HMBANA. Medela will make a monetary donation benefitting nonprofit milk banks across North America (up to $25,000 will be distributed) to elevate the important role that donor milk can play in supporting this issue, find more milk donors, and increase capacity at their locations.

    How does it work?  Nonprofit milk banks in the USA or Canada can reach out to by June 30 to find out how we can partner and support will be provided on a first come, first served basis.

About Medela

This effort is a part of Medela Cares, the company’s corporate social responsibility program, which focuses on solutions for global issues, including maternal and infant health amidst critical transitions such as coming home from the hospital, fostering the mother-baby bond in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) or the return to work. In May, Medela donated to the Mother’s Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes in support of their ongoing efforts to provide families with donor breast milk. With Medela Cares’ emphasis on serving the underrepresented and populations experiencing crisis, this initiative elevates the public health crises affecting families everywhere, impacted by shortages in both formula and donor breast milk. For more information about Medela Cares, visit

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Medela Introduces #MomsUnite4Milk Campaign to Benefit Families Across North America