AxleHire Announces Expansion of Last Mile Delivery Services in Atlanta, Georgia

Emeryville, CA, June 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- AxleHire, providing e-commerce companies with expedited, urban same day/next day deliveries, announced today that this summer they will start providing last mile delivery services in Atlanta, Georgia. The announcement marks AxleHire’s first expansion into the Southeastern region and comes on the heels of their expansion into the Washington D.C. and Baltimore markets. 

Unlike traditional regional/national carriers, AxleHire has a tech-forward approach to meet today’s urban delivery challenges. Their scalable, flexible technology allows them to spin up capacity in new regions quicker than traditional carriers due to their asset-light model. 

The Company places its sortation centers and delivery hubs in nearby major metropolitan cities and leverages its own routing algorithms to optimize delivery routes to create greater density, saving time, miles, fuel and ultimately CO2 emissions. Leveraging AxleHire’s purpose-built modern technology and gig driver fleet, logistics teams can now provide a differentiated delivery experience to every urban doorstep at a competitive cost, overcoming the limitations of legacy delivery providers.

“Atlanta has been a market our customers have been asking about for some time and we’re thrilled to now be able to offer the same great delivery service they expect in the southeastern region,” said Adam Bryant, AxleHire CEO. “Atlanta is strategically placed in between several of the markets we’re already operating in and plays a critical role in connecting the East, South and Midwestern states.”

In addition to Atlanta, AxleHire currently operates and has sortation centers in seventeen of the twenty-five major U.S. metro areas, including nine out of the top 10. 

About AxleHire

AxleHire is an expedited urban last-mile delivery service, providing customers with a superior same and next day delivery experience.  AxleHire leverages purpose-built modern technology and a gig driver fleet to drive transformative outcomes that catalyze customers’ brand growth.  Logistics teams can now provide a differentiated delivery experience at a competitive cost, overcoming the limitations of legacy delivery providers.  AxleHire operates in 16 of the 25 major U.S. metro urban areas across the U.S, enabling high-volume shippers to consistently cater to the rising needs and expectations of their customers.

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