NSR’s Global Satellite Manufacturing & Launch Report Projects $633 Billion Market by 2031 

NSR’s newest report forecasts 33,000+ satellites manufactured and launched in the next 10 years, primarily driven by non-GEO constellations.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., June 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NSR’s Global Satellite Manufacturing and Launch Markets, 12th Edition sees global satellite manufacturing and launch market positioned to generate $633B through the next decade. Primarily driven by non-GEO constellations, 33,000+ satellites are projected to be manufactured and launched by 2031. With over 150 satellite constellations in various phases of funding and development, this segment is critical to the revenue picture for manufacturing & launch markets.

Crew & Cargo missions (transporting astronauts, supplies, and infrastructure) remain the cornerstone holding the largest market share – expected to generate $216 Billion through the decade. “However. commercialization activity is growing and diversifying, which can both challenge the market via competition, but also maintain revenue generation even during program slowdowns,” states report co-author Dallas Kasaboski.

“While the space industry continues to focus on decreasing launch prices enabling increasing access to space, satellite and space companies (established and start-ups) are looking at new opportunities provided by the lurking recession,” notes report co-author Hussain Bokhari.

With investment into Beyond Earth Orbit projects including lunar development, and interplanetary exploration missions, increasing numbers of emerging and established players eye new revenue opportunities further aiding market expansion.

Government and Military bodies also continue to make large investments in the market as government procurement demand across Earth Observation and Situational awareness creates a $190+ Billion revenue opportunity.

“Situational awareness grows, driven by monitoring of Geo-political conflicts and solution development for supply chain issues, while Earth Observation moves to address need for higher resolution data towards climate change related challenges,” adds report co-author Charlotte Van Camp.

With burgeoning demand, addressable market size and competitive developments, the industry is expanding its capabilities. Technological innovation, commercialization and the move to a customer needs focused market will shape long-term potential.

About the Report

NSR’s Global Satellite Manufacturing and Launch Markets, 12th Edition is the industry resource for the analysis of global demand for satellites of all mass ranges to be manufactured and launched through the decade. The report provides in depth information on macro and micro trends and variables affecting the state of the space manufacturing and launch industry over the next decade. GSMLM12 examines the near- and long-term potential for key markets, identifying evolving global trends and changing operator requirements to provide a comprehensive view of satellite & launch demand. 

For additional information on this report, including a full table of contents, list of exhibits and executive summary, please visit www.nsr.com or call NSR at +1-617-674-7743.

Companies, Organizations, and InvestorsMentioned inNSR’s GSMLM12

Aerial & Maritime Ltd, Airbus, Aistech Space, Alpha Space Test and Research Alliance, Altius Space Machines, Amazon, Analytical Space, Spaceflight Systems, Applied Defense Solutions, Aquarian Space, Arctic Space Technologies, Ariane Group, Arianespace, Astra, Astranis Space Technologies Corp., Astro Digital, Astrobotic, Astrocast, Astrome, Astroscale, Atlas Space Operations, Audacy, AxelSpace, Ball Aerospace, Black Sky Inc., Blacksky, BlinkAstro, Blue Canyon Technologies, Blue Origin, Boeing, Bradford ECAPS, Bradford Space, C6 Launch Systems, Canadensys Aerospace Corp., Canadian Space Agency (CSA), Canon, Capella Space, Ceres Robotics, CGWIC, CisLunar Industries, ClearSpace SA, CNES, CNSA, Cobham AES Division, DARPA, Dauria Aerospace, Deep Space Systems, Deimos, DLR, D-Orbit, Dynetics Inc., EarthCube, Ericsson, ESA, European Commission, Eutelsat, ExactEarth, Exoanalytic Solutions, Firefly Aerospace Inc., Fleet Space Technologies, General Atomics, GeoOptics, GEOShare, GHGSat, Global Eagle, Global Star, GOMSpace, Goonhilly Earth Station, Groundspace, Hanwha Systems, HawkEye360, HEAD Aerospace Group, HeliosWire, Hera Systems, Hiber, Honeybee Robotics Spacecraft Mechanisms Corporation, HPE, Hughes, IBM, ICEYE, Icon Build, Infinite Orbits, Infostellar, Inmarsat, Intelsat, International Launch Services, Intuitive Machines, Iridium, ISISpace, ISpace China, ispace Inc., Israel Aerospace Industries, ISRO, KACST, Kepler Communications, Kineis, Kratos Defense & Space, KSAT, KUBOS, L3 Applied Defense Solutions, L3Harris Technologies, Lacuna Space, LaserLight Communications, LaserLight Solutions, Leafspace, Leidos Holdings, LEOCloud, LeoLabs, LeoSat, LeoStella, Lockheed Martin, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Loft Orbital, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Lyteloop, Masten Space Systems, Maxar, MDA, Microsoft, Mission Control Space Services, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsui & Co., Momentus, Momentus Space, Moon Express, Moonscape, Mynaric, Myriota, Nano Avionics, Nanoracks LLC, NASA, NASDA, Nokia, Northrop Grumman Corporation, NorthStar Earth & Space Inc., Novawurks, NPO Lavochkin, NSLComm, Okapi, OneWeb, OrbCOMM, Orbex, Orbit Fab, Orbital Insights, Orbits Edge, Paragon Space Development Corporation, Parsons, Phasor Solutions, Planet, PlanetIQ, Polaris Alpha, PredaSAR, Raytheon, Relativity Space, Rocket Lab, Roscosmos, Satellogic, Satlantis, Satsure, Saturn Satellite Networks, SES, Sierra Nevada Corporation, Sinclair Interplanetary, Sky and Space Global, Sky Perfect JSAT, Skyroot Aerospace, Skywatch, Space Data Association, Space Logistics, Space Systems Loral, Spacebit, Spaceflight, SpaceNav, SpaceX, Spire Global, SSC, Stratolaunch, Surrey Satellite Ltd. (SSL), Swarm Technologies, Swedish Space Corporation (SSC), Synspective, Teledyne Energy Systems, Telesat, Telespazio, Tethers Unlimited, Thales Alenia Space, The Boeing Company, Thuraya, Totum, Transcelestial Technologies, TransDigm, Trident Space, Turkish Space Agency (TUA), Tyvak Nano-Satellite System, U.S. DoD, U.S. Space Force, UAE Space Agency, UK Space Agency, Unibap, United Launch Alliance, UnseenLabs, Ursa, Urthecast, ViaSat, Virgin Galactic, Virgin Orbit, Vision Engineering Solutions, Voyager Space Holdings, We4sea, XpressSAR, and Yamasa Co.

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