OKX launches Block Trading as latest innovation for institutional and pro crypto traders

  • Block Trading is OKX’s latest innovation designed to allow institutional and professional traders to transact in bulk, without the risk of price slippage
  • OKX offers the only block trading platform for crypto that integrates spot and derivatives trading while supporting futures, options, and perpetual swap trading

VICTORIA, Seychelles, June 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OKX, the world-leading cryptocurrency platform, today launched Block Trading, which allows professional and institutional users to execute large, privately negotiated transactions off the order books.

OKX is the only crypto exchange to provide a block trading platform that allows investors to execute crypto spot, futures, options, and perpetual swap trades, as well as multi-leg combination trades, over the counter. When executing multi-leg trading strategies on the platform, traders benefit from competitive pricing and ease of use, including single-click atomic trade execution. Since trades are executed over the counter, traders avoid the risk of price slippage — the divergence of quoted sell price and actual sell price.

The OKX Block Trading platform is distinctive in that it allows users to integrate spot and derivatives trades on a single platform and trade multiple currencies in a single trade. It is also unique for its support of trading of perpetual swap, futures, and option contracts with popular altcoins, such as Solana (SOL), as the underlying. The platform allows for multi-leg combination trades, including future spreads, straddles and carry trades, among others.

Lennix Lai, Financial Markets Director, OKX, said, “As the crypto market matures and more professional and institutional investors enter it, OKX is introducing Block Trading to ensure these users have the tools they need to invest well. Block Trading on OKX allows investors to not only make large trades at more favorable prices, but to do so without the risk of their trading causing price slippage.”

To execute a block trade on OKX, traders first submit a request-for-quote (RFQ) that broadcasts their request to selected counterparties, who then offer a quote in response. If the trader accepts the quote, the trade is then executed off the order books via OKX’s trading engine. Investors can discover more about how OKX Block Trading works on OKX Learn.

Clément Florentin, CEO, Darley Technologies, said, "OKX has always been one of the most user-friendly exchanges for institutional traders like ourselves, with features like portfolio margin providing greater capital efficiency. Block Trading on OKX opens up additional opportunities for us to quote sophisticated, multi-instrument strategies, without the counterparty having to worry about slippage or execution.” Darley Technologies is a high-frequency trading firm that delivers market making and liquidity provision on a range of prominent exchanges.

Going forward, Block Trading on OKX will be expanded to offer bespoke strategies, further OTC products and integrations with DeFi derivatives protocols.

OKX is the world's most powerful crypto exchange for institutional traders, ranking second globally in derivatives trading volume. The platform was also the first to introduce portfolio margin mode for multi-currency margining with risk offsetting functionality, and offers 500+ spot pairs and 250+ linear and inverse perpetual swaps and futures contracts.

Find out more about OKX Block Trading here.

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