Alchemy Jars Announces Innovative Way to Store and Protect Cannabis from the Summer Heat

Alchemy Jars, a US-based company, has created the ultimate vacuum-insulated storage device specifically designed to protect cannabis and cannabis concentrates from the summer heat.

St. Petersburg, FL, July 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The company aims to open a new world of possibilities for brands, consumers, and customers with groundbreaking technology for preserving vital terpenes and essential organic compounds.

Alchemy Jars brings the first-ever vacuum-insulated container specially built for cannabis and protecting essential terpenes. The product is an improvement on previous technology, such as the one thermos containers use, which has been around for over a century.

With this product, Alchemy Jars anticipates the industry’s shift from indica and sativa towards terpenes preservation. The company seeks to help an increasingly higher number of consumers by focusing more on the smell and essence of the cannabis plant.

The new container protects terpenes and cannabinoids from heat, light, and air exposure. Moreover, it uses the same technology to keep drinks cold on a hot summer day. Thanks to its removable glass insert and airtight seal, this jar is one of the best-functioning storage options for cannabis on the market.

According to the company, customers are already using the jar to store smaller hash containers and further insulate the terpenes and cannabinoids they contain. A new trend sees collaborations with glass artists, making inserts in Alchemy Jars and reselling them for 5-10x retail value as a complete set to collectors.

Lastly, Alchemy Jars is adding to its long list of innovations with a retail customization portal launching soon. Customers should be on the lookout for monthly new color drops and collaborations with artists in popular and street culture.

About Alchemy Jars

Alchemy Jars is a US-based company with an office in St. Petersburg, FL, and a studio in Seattle, WA. The company launched in February at Glass Vegas, the world's premier glass products show. Following the event, Alchemy Jars rapidly established a network of notable glass shops and collaborations with prestigious artists.

You can buy an Alchemy Jar on the company’s website or through an authorized retailer of Alchemy Jars near you. For more information about Alchemy Jars, please follow the links below:

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