Discount Dumpster Celebrates National Forest Week by Planting a Tree for Every Rented Dumpster

Discount Dumpster is spreading awareness of National Forest Week while also offering a green waste management model

Denver, July 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Discount Dumpster takes environmental protection seriously through both its client services and charitable activities. This is why Discount Dumpster is celebrating National Forest Week with great enthusiasm.

National Forest Week is a celebration of our National Forest System and all the unique experiences they have to offer. Discount Dumpster takes pride in spreading awareness of National Forest Week, as well as our partnership with the National Forest Foundation. 

In 2021, Discount Dumpster, a Denver, Colorado-based company, partnered with the National Forest Foundation (NFF) to help with reforestation initiatives in America’s National Forests. Discount Dumpster is also striving to achieve a net-zero carbon emission standard.

As Preston Dunn, Discount Dumpster co-founder explains, "We partnered with the NFF in 2021 to set an example for other waste management companies to follow. We want Discount Dumpster to set trends, not follow them. We could just do the easy thing and not care, yet we're not in the business of doing what's easiest. We want to do what's right."

A key part of this effort is partaking in a tree planting partnership with the NFF. This partnership entails a new tree is planted in a National Forest for every rented dumpster. Discount Dumpster hopes to offset the carbon emissions caused by truck hauling through this persistent effort.

Discount Dumpster cherishes this year’s National Forest Week theme, “See You Somewhere.” This theme is about spreading awareness of all the features and benefits that national forests and other public lands provide. National Forests are an irreplaceable treasure and Discount Dumpster believes that everyone should share in the collective responsibility of keeping them pristine.

About Discount Dumpster 

Discount Dumpster is a national dumpster rental company that services over 30 states throughout the US. Their goal is to provide affordable waste management services with efficient service standards. You can contact Discount Dumpster through the company’s website, or by calling (855) 573-DUMP. 

About the National Forest Foundation

The National Forest Foundation (NFF) is a non-profit organization that focuses on spreading awareness about the benefits of our public forests. The NFF also offers a variety of programs and grants, but we are excited to be partnering with them for their “50 Million for our Forests” tree planting” campaign. To learn how you can contribute to the NFF’s conservation efforts, visit their website for more information.  


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