LinkedIn Live: Easily Improve Workflow Automation with No-Code Solutions, Episode 1 of 2

Interactive event for public sector business and IT leaders learning how to deploy no-code solutions at a low cost, using a sole-source vehicle for procurement to avoid an expensive, tedious, time-consuming RFP process

Tampa, Florida, UNITED STATES

TAMPA, Florida, July 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- System Soft Technologies, a leader in enterprise IT services, solutions and products, today announced it is hosting a LinkedIn Live event at 2PM ET on Thursday, July 28, 2022. The streaming Ask an Expert episode 1 of 2—"Easily Improve Workflow Automation with No-Code Solutions”—will engage business and IT leaders in the public sector to learn how no-code solutions can be deployed at such a low cost that a sole-source vehicle can be used for procurement. And with this approach, public sector leaders can avoid an expensive, tedious and time-consuming RFP process.

“No-code development enables business analysts and power users to build simple applications with minimal support,” said Calvin Fuerst, Vice President of Solutions and Services, System Soft, and event moderator and panelist. “Developers who use a no-code approach can single-handedly oversee their entire project, without the need for more developers. This saves their organizations a lot of time and money during development. It also rewards the developers who can deploy a complete solution through their own efforts, bringing to life the full vision of their application.”

Fuerst will joined by panelists Treff LaPlante, CEO, CitizenDeveloper, and Charles Woods, Senior Consultant, Accenture. The panel will address how every organization needs a modernization strategy to stay competitive; but when custom application development doesn’t fit within tight budgets and timelines, no-code solutions are quick and cost-efficient alternatives, resulting in successful business outcomes.

This panel of experts will discuss:

  • Various real-world applications already implemented in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
  • How developers and non-developers benefit from a no-code approach
  • Public sector pain points and solutions, along with approaches

Specific learning outcomes will include how:

  • Non-developers can make changes to applications as updates are needed
  • Developers are enabled to move with greater agility
  • Technical debt and application maintenance of existing installations are reduced

To register and attend this live Ask an Expert episode 1 of 2, click on the event page link here.

What: Easily Improve Workflow Automation with No-Code Solutions
Experts: Calvin Fuerst, Vice President of Solutions and Services, System Soft; Treff LaPlante, CEO, CitizenDeveloper; and Charles Woods, Senior Consultant, Accenture
When: 2PM ET, Thursday, July 28, 2022
Where: Join the LinkedIn Live streaming event here.

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