Enso Security Leads Industry Mission to Bring Control to Chaos with Community-driven AppSec Map

Builds personalization, posture scoring and enhanced market intelligence into interactive map of the application security ecosystem

TEL AVIV, Israel, July 19, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Enso Security, developers of the first Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) solution, today launched the next iteration of the AppSec Map, its interactive map of the AppSec ecosystem. Embraced by the community for its ability to intuitively segment and visualize the AppSec tech stack, the Map now enables users to create custom maps and generate security posture ratings. By providing a community-driven framework to assess and improve their application security posture, Enso Security is empowering AppSec practitioners to think strategically about their programs and bolster their ability to navigate the fast-moving landscape.

“As a CISO, I always struggled to stay current with which vendors did what and could only have dreamed of a resource like this. I applaud Enso for rallying the community to provide it,” said Ryan Gurney, CISO-in-Residence, YL Ventures. “The AppSec Map is a simple yet powerful tool that makes it easy for practitioners to understand the current AppSec landscape and maintain control over the trajectory of their programs.”

Enhanced AppSec Map functionality moves the industry forward
First launched in July 2021, the AppSec Map defines and classifies the many solutions and services that populate the AppSec landscape. The Map is open to all AppSec vendors. To add a product or a service please click here and once approved, Enso Security will publish it within 3-5 days.

It offers practitioners a holistic view of the AppSec stack and makes it easy for them to research the options available to them. The new iteration enables users to build a custom map and generate a security posture badge based on the code, tools and services their organization uses, offering AppSec practitioners a much deeper understanding of the state and maturity of their programs.

To create a personalized map, users follow a very simple wizard that prompts them to enter the full set of AppSec tools, code and services used by the organization. In a matter of seconds, the Map generates a visual representation of their organization’s AppSec program.

It also generates a Posture Badge -- a graphic that consists of a set of color coded, concentric circles that reflects the health of the user’s AppSec program. The Posture Badge considers the organization's full asset inventory and the effectiveness of the AppSec practices associated with activities on each asset and type of activity (such as Pen-Testing, Static Code Analysis, etc.). Posture Badges place the maps in context, providing a baseline that makes it easier for AppSec teams to identify gaps, analyze how resources are allocated and optimize their programs.

“We initially built the AppSec Map because, despite being seasoned practitioners, our experience navigating the AppSec landscape was pure chaos,” said Chen Gour Arie, chief architect and co-founder of Enso Security. “Given the growing set of buzzwords, acronyms and culture shifts AppSec professionals contend with, we’re excited to release new functionality that makes it even easier to separate the wheat from the chaff. We’re blown away by how well the Map has been received and hope we can continue to be of service to the community as they navigate the ever-shifting pool of AppSec resources at their disposal.”

The AppSec Map includes commercial services and solutions as well as open-source tools and projects for any AppSec-related activity, from security training to pen-testing to runtime detection and protection.

Because the Map is community driven, as services and toolsets mature and evolve, so does the Map. The AppSec community and vendors are encouraged to share their ideas and thoughts on how to improve this map, and to submit their solutions so that the community can easily discover the value it adds to their AppSec program. The AppSec Map can be found at https://appsecmap.com.

About Enso Security
Enso Security is transforming application security by empowering organizations to build, manage and scale their AppSec programs. Its Application Security Posture Management (ASPM) platform easily deploys into an organization’s environment to create an actionable, unified inventory of all application assets, their owners, security posture and associated risk. With Enso Security, AppSec teams gain the capacity to manage the tools, people and processes involved in application security, enabling them to build a simplified, agile and scalable application security program without interfering with development. Enso has been recognized with numerous awards including the 2022 Excellence Awards, Globee Awards, and Forbes Top 20 Cybersecurity Startups to Watch.

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